Here Comes The Sun

This week has been glorious! The sun has come out, the wind has died down and it puts everyone in a good mood. What’s also put me in a good mood has been spending time with friends this week.

On Thursday I had a visit from a friend that I worked with for a short period of time before moving on to my current job. We really bonded on a spiritual level and this week I invited her over to see my new house and have a cuppa. She brought some amazing Gu pudding which might be my new favourite indulgence. We had a few hours of wonderful conversation and I know I want to make it a regular thing. So nice to have found another kindred spirit.


On Friday after work I headed to Willen Lake to meet a friend for a run. Sarah is training for the Race For Life and we’ll be running together with a bunch of other friend. She hasn’t been running for long but we did a gentle jog around the smaller of the two lakes and after a little rest did another loop, with one small jog back on ourselves to complete a 5k run. The weather was amazing and it was great to get out and stretch the legs again, since I haven’t been running as often since completing the half marathon.

Yesterday my Mum and Dad came over, all kitted up, to help Gary and I tackle our overgrown garden. They’d been over not too long before but what with the humid wet weather we’ve had it was hugely overgrown again. Gary mowed the lawn and I hid from the grass pollen in the conservatory, de-moulding the inside – it’s a hack job of a conservatory and needs a lot of work doing on it! We also think we saw (and killed) a mock widow spider in there! Scary!


Mum and Dad did a great job! I also recently got a load of my photos printed and put into frames and Mum brought some picture wire over so I was able to hang them at last. The living room looks much more welcoming and homely now with things on the walls and I’m really pleased with how good my prints look in the frames. It’s inspiring me to take more photos too, which I need!

Today, after a little lie-in watching The Great Manchester Run on tv, we headed over to the MK Dons Stadium for a quick look around Collectormania. We saw a couple of the Dr Who Doctors which was cool. After lunch I put a new crock-pot recipe into action and the smells coming from the kitchen as I type are amazing, It’s sticky honey soy chicken which I’ll serve with rice and green beans. I love how easy slow cookers are and how they don’t heat up the kitchen at all, which is perfect for today. Some light house work completed I was really to welcome another friend to my new home for the first time.

I met Helen via a Buffy The Vampire Slayer message board. A group of us would meet regularly but Helen’s the only one who I’ve kept in good contact with. Since the garden was all pretty I put up the camping chairs (we haven’t bought garden furniture yet!) and we sat and chatted in the garden for a few hours. It was beautiful and relaxing out there and the company was wonderful!


So for the rest of my weekend I have a few more chores to do and then I can’t wait to get stuck into dinner which is making us both rather hungry since it’s smelling so good. It’s been a great week of friends and family and the weather helped things along! Let’s hope this is a sign of a good summer – fingers crossed!

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