Great Yoghurt, No Bull!

My regular readers will know that I’m a big yoghurt fan. I’m a huge fan of a particular brand called The Collective Dairy. Their flavours are amazing and though their large pots are designed for a couple of sittings I have to work hard to not eat a pot in one go. Their Russian Fudge flavour is my favourite and I would sit and eat it all day if I could.

They recently brought out a range of yoghurt called Suckies. Served in a pouch with a twisty cap, they’re ideal for kid’s lunch boxes or picnics. But they’re also great for grown ups too. They boast

NO colours
NO artificial flavourings
NO artificial preservatives
NO GM ingredients
Only contains sugars from fruit
Made with whole milk goodness
Gluten free, Vegetarian
NO pips or bits allowed!


Coming in 4 fruity flavours I was eager to try them, and I was delighted when they said they were sending me some samples out. These resealable pouches are made of toothpaste tube type metal-like plastic and this keeps them really cool – so much so that they suggest you pop them in the freezer and then into your kid’s lunch box, so that by the time they eat them they’re the perfect chilled temperature.

I didn’t try any of mine from the freezer, but I gave some to my Niece to try and she said they were yummy like that!

The pouches were great to take for my lunch at work and really filled a hole when I started to get peckish again at mid one afternoon!

photo 3

No spoons, no lids, no mess! Just yummy goodness. The flavours are all great, but my favourite was the Tropical. My niece favoured the peach and apricot since peach is her new favourite flavour. She loved them and got really excited to try them since she’d seen other kids at school with them too. She’s ordered my sister to buy more of them!

photo 5

I think these would be really good to take in a race pack, to eat post run – they’d stay cold until you wanted them and then would give you a little shot of carbs, protein and flavour that you’d be craving by that point. I wanted to take them to the Electric Run when I went but my samples hadn’t arrived by then. Thinking ahead to summer I can see these being perfect for picnics and beach trips!

Suckies can be bought from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco among other places and retail for under £1 each. I can’t wait to see what other flavours they come up with in time to come, but in the mean time they’ll be appearing in my basket for a while I should think!

I was provided with samples of Suckies by the wonderful people at The Collective Dairy, free of charge. My opinions are my own (and my niece’s!) but the yummy Suckies are theirs. Go and try them!

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One thought on “Great Yoghurt, No Bull!

  1. These look and sound great. Perfect for lunchboxes and have such cute packaging too!
    Kiwi, pear and apple sounds like it would be my favourite flavour. Yum! 🙂

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