Everything But The Cow

During my recent, and wonderful, encounter at the Lexie pop up shop at BoxPark, I was lucky enough to be given a free sample of a soy milk protein drink by a brand called Everything But The Cow. Their drinks boast all natural ingredients with no dairy and only sweetened with a little honey.

I was given the Strawberry and Raspberry flavour to try and after tasting it I knew I wanted to try the rest of the range. After having a lovely chat with one of their reps on twitter they agreed to send me a sample of each of their flavours.

Their drinks are made from a unique mix of over 20% real fruit and 7g of plant protein. This provides a perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein which is especially good for pre and post workout recovery, but it’s also great as a super-healthy anytime protein boost!

What’s more is their shakes are both made and packaged in Somerset, so the whole kit and caboodle is home-grown!


I’ve been trying to move away from milk for a while now, replacing it with coconut milk, which I’m loving, but I hadn’t tried soy milk until I tried these shakes. I was excited to try the Banana and Kiwi one especially, since I love kiwi flavour anything, but was unsure about the banana part. I really liked this flavour and told them as much on twitter (they’re a lovely lot, go and say hi!) I really don’t like banana flavoured things (I struggle with bananas in general) but the guys at EBTC pointed out they use real bananas instead of flavouring and that’s why people respond to the flavour favourably. They also commented that people make smoothies with real fruit in their kitchens so why would EBTC use anything less in their product? Well said!

photo 4

The kiwi flavour really came through and the banana was smooth and subtle in the background. The strawberry and raspberry flavour was similar to a strawberry smoothie with a raspberry edge. I think I tasted the soy a bit more in this flavour, which isn’t a bad thing, but was unusual since I’m not used to the taste.

So two down, and one to go….. Bring on the spring heat wave and the EBTC twitter account came up trumps again by mentioning they’d been experimenting with a carton of shake by sticking it in the freezer and making a protein slushie! An inspired idea, I spoke to them and they said to shake the drink to mix it and then pop it in the fridge. Once frozen all you do is cut it open and squeeze it out!

I had intended on letting it part freeze and then mushing it up inside the packaging, squeezing it into the glass and sucking it up with a straw. But I’m easily distracted and by the time I got around to removing it from the freezer it was solid. But hey, I rolled with it. Cutting it open and giving it a little encouragement, it plopped out into my cup and I was able to easily shave it down with a spoon creating a granita type desert. I’m not a massive fan of orange flavoured anything so this was a perfect way to try the Orange and Mango shake.


I loved it. It was almost too much for one dessert and would have easily split between two people. I can see this being perfect to take on a picnic – kids wouldn’t realise it was healthy! With none of the nasties in it I felt very saintly digging in. Healthy doesn’t mean tasteless or boring!

As an added bonus, Everything But The Cow are supplying post race drinks at the Women’s Running 10k Series this year – I’m running Milton Keynes’ race so more yummy shakes for me!

You can buy Everything But The Cow from:

Holland & Barrett
Whole Foods Market
As Nature Intended

The Natural Kitchen

Incidentally Holland & Barrett were offering buy one get a second for a penny until a few days ago, so keep an eye out for more promotions like that in the future!

These drinks are super yummy, very healthy and perfectly transportable. They’re best drunk cold from the fridge, but I would say popping one in your gym back as you leave the house couldn’t hurt. You’ll get that much-needed recovery protein and carbs you need after you’ve been working out.

Everything But The Cow provided me with a sample of each of their flavours free of charge. This review is my own opinion of their products – I’d love to hear yours!

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