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I’ve been wanting to share some new music with you guys for a while, but really had no way to do so other than posting a load of youtube videos up, which isn’t ideal for a blog post. But I recently discovered Bop.fm (via Beckie) and it’s perfect for sharing tunes with you guys. WordPress.com doesn’t allow embedding of my bop.fm playlist, but if you click on this sentence you will be transported to playlist heaven. Please please listen. You won’t regret it.

So if you’re not in a place you can listen to music, or on a device which will play it, go ahead and mark this post as unread until you are somewhere you can give it the attention it deserves. Thanks!

Music is a massive part of my life, but until a year ago I hadn’t listened to anything new in ages. I didn’t listen to the radio, pay attention to the charts or actively search for anything new. When I changed jobs and had the opportunity to listen to the radio all this changed. When I started running and wanted to listen to something stimulating when I worked out all this changed. When I started to pay attention to what people recommended to me online all this changed. I’m going to share a few of my current favourites with you and tell you what they mean to me, and hopefully you’ll listen and end up loving them as much as I do. Here goes!:

Afterglow – Wilkinson

So apparently I like drum and bass. This is the song that when it comes on the radio, my headphones, my running playlist, makes me go ‘Ah’ It’s my tune. It makes me feel happy, stimulated, excited and it drives me on. I can listen to it when relaxing, dreaming, running, partying. It just speaks to me. Plus the video is really cool, so watch it if you can. This song is my ‘power song’ when I’m doing a particularly hard run. It’s gotten me through hill training, came on at a pivotal time during my half marathon and never fails to motivate me. It might not speak to you in the same way as it does to me, but listen to the words. Who hasn’t been out, had an amazing time and not wanted the night to end?

Nerve – Half Moon Run

This is a fairly new song to me, but I’m still in the stage with it that it delights my ear drums. I seem to be attracted to music with syncopated notes – it interests me. This song is a wonderful mix of syncopation, pretty twinkly notes and a harrowing hook.

Youth – Daughter

This is a kinda weird one, because I’m listening to this song for the first time right now. I finished playing Nerve, above, and this played afterwards (on bop.fm – and no I’m not being paid to advertise bop, I just really think it’s great!) Anyway, I think I might have fallen deeply in love with this song at first listen. So I felt compelled to add it here!

From Eden – Hozier

From Eden is another of those wonderfully syncopated songs that I find myself singing at random times of the day. I first heard Hozier courtesy of Fern Cotton on radio 1 (much to my chagrin, seeing as she would claim to have boosted Jesus’ follower’s on twitter if she’d had the chance – she’s the queen of the humble brag) Anyway, this guy has released 2 eps, no albums and has still sold out a US tour. I recommend you listen to this song, and then listen to it again. And then get his eps and listen to those. And then have an iced tea on the porch.

Mercy – Mr Little Jeans

I really struggled to choose a track from Mr Little Jean’s album Pocketknife, to share with you. I’ve chosen this one but I really think you should listen to the whole thing. This artist was recommended by Beckie (she’s got great taste in music) on her blog and I’m pretty sure it was this song I heard first. I love this album – it’s great to run on the treadmill to, it’s great to drive to, it’s great just to sit and listen to!

I Got U – Duke Dumont

This tune is a perfect summer hottie. It’s reminiscent of sun bathing and long dry road trips. The video’s pretty cool too. The female vocalist is so talented, her voice echoing Whitney Houston, and the song does actually sample Whitney’s voice and parts of her song My Love is Your Love. It’s a fabulous summer tune that I think will see us through the next few months of weird British heat waves.

Let Go For Tonight – Foxes

Just one of Foxes brilliant singles, this one’s a right belter. It’s a great mix of fun pop song and dance tune, with a great chorus that will no doubt run through your mind for a while after you’ve heard it.

You & I – One Direction

Despite my shame, and their apparent bad use of grammar – I really like this song. Enough, in fact to add it to this list. It’s a perfect specimen of an angsty boy band song. I do, however, still have trouble listening to 1D without whispering Shadow Pico….

And that’s it my friends. To listen to the playlist click HERE!  I’d love to hear what you think of these tunes and if you have anything to recommend, then go ahead!

Happy listening!

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One thought on “Turn It Up Loud

  1. Oh wow! I started my new ‘running’ playlist on Thursday and Afterglow was the first song on it 😀 I’ve also got the Duke Dumont track and the Foxes one 😀 Will listen to the others now…. Thanks x

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