So, You Wanna Play with Magic?

On Friday Gary and I headed to London to the o2 to see Katy Perry.

We bought the tickets way way back, before her new album came out, and when it did I was a little disappointed. Not because the music was bad, but just that it was obviously less ‘fun’ and a little more grown up than Teenage Dream. I’d really loved the look of her previous tour with all it’s colours, fun and apparent tomfoolery.

But I went with an open mind and was resolved to enjoy myself anyway. We had dinner at Armadillo, which I’d really enjoyed the previous time I’d eaten there. Unfortunately our waiter obviously didn’t want to be there, didn’t pay any attention to his customers and it was a good 15 mins before we got the drinks we’d ordered (this was after we’d finished our appetisers) even though we’d seen them being made within minutes of us ordering them and other waiters kept checking to see if they were for their table. We waited for ages for him to take our plates after we’d eaten and then forget to bring us our bill, saw him speak as if in panic to about 5 other waiters, give other table’s their bill before they’d even asked and pretty much remove all chance of him getting a tip. Any other waiter there would have been welcomed. The food wasn’t nice either. Such a shame!

Anyway, after that we headed into the Arena and found our seats. The doors opened at 6:30 so we guessed the support act, Icona Pop, would start at 7:30. They came on at 8pm and played a very energetic set. Since I only know two of their songs, I didn’t feel very involved in the Euro Pop, and parts of it were so strange that Icona Pop have made it onto my weird list of gigs (they’re right up there with Coil). But they seemed to have a lot of fun and so did the standing crowd.

Then at 9pm Katy came on. The whole gig was colourful, bright and engaging.





In the middle picture above, you can see Katy at the front in a LED dress skipping a skipping rope, in heels, and then she stopped and carried on singing. The girl’s got some stamina! The pace slowed somewhat towards the middle with a ballad section and then picked up again for a fantastic 90’s section, with a medley of old 90s dance tracks, the back up girls singing Finally by CeCe Peniston and then into Walking On Air.


Birthday was sung to a guy in the crowd who got to sit on a throne on the stage whilst Katy sat on his lap, and then she flew over the audience attached to a bunch of balloons. Huge nets of balloons fell over the crowds at the end and confetti shot out of canons over the stage.


The encore was Firework – sang by Katy on her own on the stage wearing a big dress. It was a little lacking the big finale finish you’d expect but it was great to see it performed.

So all in all a great night. Katy is very down to earth and obviously loves England, performing and had a great sense of humour. One of the interim videos that played was of her in a white padded room wearing a straight jacket – it was an amazing video, and I’m hoping it appears on YouTube at some point so I can share it. If you haven’t listened to her album yet, I recommend it. There’s some belters on there – just feel free to skip through any singles the radio has played ad nauseam!

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