Raining, Running & Raving

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week for a number of reasons. The main one being that I just didn’t feel like blogging this week. The weather’s been humid and rainy, I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself for various reasons and it all kinda came to a head midweek last week. I felt like I was losing control and was very overwhelmed.

You’ll be pleased to know that with a lot of support from a close friend and my husband, I’m feeling a lot more like myself today.

So this week there’s been some massively heavy downpours mingled with humid temperatures and strong winds and it’s made it hard to choose what to wear! One of the days this week was 14 degrees and today is 22 as I sit in my garden typing this.

Midweek Gary managed to get hold of Secret Cinema’s latest venture, which is bringing Back To The Future alive and building Hill Valley in a secret location. Ticket sales smashed records for length of time to sell out. We got tickets for August 2nd so we have some time to think about costumes. I really can’t wait. We watched the movie last night so we could get some clothing inspiration!

We also got tickets to an event in July that we wanted to go to last year but only found out about it last minute. Hot Dub Time Machine is a dance party event where the DJ plays music from the 50’s all the way to present day, chronologically. It looks amazing from the video on their website, so I can’t wait to see what it’s like in person!

Today was a rather special day as I got to run the Race For Life with three great friends. It was one of the girl’s first race ever and another of the girl’s first race for life. With a batch of supporters there to cheer us on we battled the heat and hills and really earned our medals. And it really was a hot one AND annoyingly I lost part of my run when my watch paused and I didn’t notice it until who knows when! I measured 3.01 on my Garmin so thankfully I only lost a bit.  I had to walk much more than I would have liked – the heat effects me really fast! But we made it nevertheless and each enjoyed our brioche and bottled water at the end!


We even found the energy to sport our running kit around a vintage fair that was trading from the shopping centre, so way too many people have seen my short clad legs today 🙂 (including you lucky pups!)

It was a lovely end to a really tough week. I’m really lucky to have such amazing friends around me, and words can’t explain how amazing G-Man is.

Next I’m training for the Women’s Running 10k in exactly a month, which is taking place in MK this year and I definitely have at least one of my lovely girlfriends running it with me. Bring it on!

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