This Week I Have Been Mostly…


  • This week the weather has been so glorious that I’ve been in a good mood every single day. I’ve woken up happy and content, and stayed that way throughout the day. It’s amazing what the sunshine can do for you. I find it inspiring and invigorating and other things beginning with I.
  • I’ve visited the gym a couple of times this week. I meant to run yesterday but a stomach bug has decided to set up home and I thought it best not to run.
  • I’ve been loving neon nail polish shades this spring and am rocking a nice bright Nail’s Inc shade at the moment called Sloane Avenue. The OPI Neon minis might have made it onto my birthday wishlist…
  • I’m amazed at my tan and can’t stop staring at my arms. I’m also amazed at the shape and definition my arms now have since I started weight training at the gym. I keep staring down and wondering whose arms they are!
  • The World Cup started tonight and I’m really looking forward to continuing my Veronica Mars marathon (such a great show!) and getting some reading done. I also want to pick up a cross stitch but they’re so expensive. Some of those might have also made it onto my birthday wishlist….
  • I have been busy filling up my (and Gary’s) diary for the next few months and after having looked at it more carefully today I’ve realised that I have only 2 free weekends between now and September and one of those has just been filled! Eek – glad it’s all super fun stuff!
  • I have been massively appreciating my friends and family this week. Accepting support from them has been a massive change in my life over the last few years and it’s wonderfully refreshing to be able to depend on other people. It’s also amazing that they depend on me too. I’m very lucky.
  • I always really enjoy social networking with companies that I like and I’ve been really enjoying do that this week. Drink Me Chai have been continuing to support Musings of a So-Called Shutterbug by sharing my post about overnight oats. I’ve chatted to some wonderful people and some very helpful customer service agents too. I’m really appreciating technology! I was also contacted by the founder of British sportswear brand Lexie with the hashtag #somethingexciting and yes, it was exciting. (More on that another time!)

It’s been a fun week so far…. looking forward to a fun weekend!
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