The One with One Deliberate Festival and One Accidental Gig

So the start of my holiday began wonderfully chilled, with fabulous weather and lots of plans. Despite having to spent a lot of the previous few days and the Saturday without Gary, my friends had filled my time well. My friend Amy’s birthday annually coincides with the local Waterside festival, a free music festival held alongside a canal, and so she had invited us all to gather, picnic and listen to the music.

We showed up around 2ish and I immediately regretted jeans as a choice of leg wear. Why did I think that they were a good idea? The heat was as if we were basking ON the sun. But we settled down and were soon enjoying the sun, the music and the company. It’s a lovely place to people watch and just enjoy the ambience.


Amy, her friends and boyfriend had already been there for some time before we’d arrived and wisely headed off to cool down and rehydrate (and apply some sun cream!) leaving us book club girls to sunbathe and eat the rest of the picnic and some yummy strawberries. It was great to chill out together and was a wonderful start to my holiday! I got some great tan lines too (even though they were just on one shoulder…. oops!)


Sunday was another glorious day and after the general weekend chores were completed, Gary and I decided we would have a wander down to the MK Bowl where Kings of Leon were going to be playing a gig, with Haim supporting. We both love Haim and so traipsed down with a rug under-arm prepared to camp out outside the concert area and listen to the music. Having left the house at about 6:10 we got to the Bowl area around 6:45 – as soon as we emerged from the underpass we were asked by a tout whether we needed tickets. Gary had a chat with him, and since we weren’t bothered about going in we walked away a few times, dissatisfied with the prices he was offering us. In the end we got two tickets for £40 which is amazing since they were about £65 each, face value! Pleased with our barter we marched straight into the event and found a spot to sit with 5 minutes to spare before Haim came on at 7pm – not bad eh?.


Haim were really great to watch, the weather was wonderful and since we’d not been expecting to see them it was all a bit exciting! Kings Of Leon played a great gig and by half 11 we were back home and getting ready for bed! I love living so close to such a wonderful venue. We’re considering doing the same for the upcoming Pearl Jam concert!

Not a bad start to my holiday!

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