Chilling Out and Beach Time

On Wednesday we decided we needed to chill out a bit since we’d been so busy! We slept in late, got up slowly and generally lazed about! We visited Gary’s parents and then went off to a lovely internet cafe I love. I had some iced coffee and carrot cake and we watched the people walking by. I also finished watching Veronica Mars. What a show! I was surprised at the final episode as it didn’t seem like any kind of finale but really enjoyed the movie. Well done Kickstarter backers! I’m now in a kind of miserable withdrawal that there’s no more. Hopefully there’ll be more movies!


On Thursday Gary surprised me by telling me we would be driving to Southend-On-Sea. We headed off and enjoyed the drive, listening to the radio and hearing about all the people arriving at Glastonbury Festival. I got my usually Glasto jealousy!

We walked along the beach and had a look around the fun fair which looked like a lot of fun! I’d love to try some of the rides out when it’s a bit warmer and a bit busier. Lunch at a lovely Bistro restaurant was followed by ice creams on the beach and then we went to have a looked around the Sealife Centre. Gary bought me a windmill which made me very happy!


We made our journey home with a detour to Bluewater for a look around the shops where I snagged some bargains in the Boux Avenue sale (I own a bikini now – crazy shiz!) and dinner at TGI Friday’s. It was a wonderful day full of sun, sea, sand and shopping!

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