Getting Back on It and Frozen

After the rubbish we’d been eating and the late nights and lazy mornings we’d begun to get used to, Friday was ‘get back on it’ day. We got up (late, admittedly) and headed to the gym where we did some abs work, strength training, a little treadmill running and some cardio on the bikes.


The rest of the day was for rest and relaxation. I did a strand test for my highlights (spoiler alert – it didn’t work right so I’m looking for another kit which will!) and we watched TV. Thunder storms rumbled around all day and we had some really heavy downpours.

This weather continued through Saturday but it didn’t really cure the humidity. A massive lightning flash and thunder hit directly over our house and made us jump! Glastonbury festival was even halted for a short time whilst they waited for an electrical storm to pass. Saturday was chores day – food shopping, washing and cleaning. Then in the evening Tash picked me and Amy up and we travelled to our friend Hayley’s new flat for food and a sing-along Frozen night!

Two of the book club girls hadn’t seen it yet so it was about time we educated them! After chats and food we put on the movie and they all seemed to love it even though the rest of us were singing along to all the songs!

frozenAnother late night and I was pleased to get home and to my bed…. I had a very exciting day ahead of me…..!

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