Bikinis & Bums

Sunday was a super exciting day because my bestest girlfriend in the whole wide world was competing in her very first Bikini Competition, UKBFF in Bedford. Jen has been training for this for 6 months solid, and preparing for way long than that in her gym work and diet – with not a single cheat.

Having seen her almost every day in this time I can say that it is far far from easy. It takes so much focus and determination. You have to be headstrong and overlook any criticism from people who don’t understand why you’re doing it.

It was crazy that the day had finally arrived, I have no idea how weird it must have been for Jen! We arrived around 2ish and found our seats, knowing Jen wouldn’t be on stage for at least 4 or 5 hours. She looked amazing!

Watching all the competitors was a little weird, since it was the first show I’d been to, but very interesting as you could see all the different type of Body Building weights and types of physique. And then soon it was time for Jen to go backstage and prepare. We were all so nervous for her, but when she stepped out it we all just felt so proud!

I managed to get some photos too, despite them saying we weren’t allowed 😀





Doesn’t she look amazing? We had all brought Jen a load of food for her to eat after the show since she’d not been allowed to eat some of her favourite foods for so long. When she emerged from backstage she was clutching a cupcake! She did so well and we were all so proud of her!

After the show we headed off and out for dinner, where Jen insisted on buying us all a meal to say thank you for our support. I don’t know whether she’ll want to compete again, but I wouldn’t blame her if she did and I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. All I can say is that she put herself through so much training and had so much dedication that I know I’ll always be in awe of her!

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