Best. Party. Ever.

On Saturday night Gary, his sister and brother Nicky and Paul, and I headed off to London for what claimed to be the best party ever. Happening at the Southbank’s annual Wonderground Festival, Hot Dub Time Machine was making its second stint of shows and we’d bought tickets.

It’s hard to describe what Hot Dub Time Machine is, so here’s a video:

So you see how it looks AMAZING! We were super excited. It having been so hot we were wearing as little clothing as decently possible and ready for an excellent night. On entering the ‘tent’ Nicky made a bee-line for the front and side seeing that there was an empty table with our name on it. We claimed this booth for the whole night and were able to dance in front of and on the steps next to this table whilst keeping a good stock of cups filled with water.

It got hot very quickly and within half an hour we were all dripping, but we didn’t stop dancing. The music and atmosphere were excellent. The DJ was involved and energetic. We dance for 3.5 hours non stop (well I stopped for one song, but I still refuse to sing or dance to Oasis!) He played I Wanna Dance with Somebody (my all time favourite song) and even managed to get Let It Go from Frozen in there. I wasn’t disappointed.

99 Red Balloons


There were balloons, confetti canons, strobe lights, glow sticks (given to us by the DJ), an MJ impersonator and the whole thing ended with a rousing chorus of Hey Jude, at which point DJ Tim Loud went right into the crowd and let off more confetti whilst singing along with the crowd.

It was an amazing night. I can honestly say I have never sweated as much as I did that night – not even in any races I’ve run. I can’t wait for him to come back so that I can experience it again. It was definitely the Best. Party. Ever.

Sweaty messes!

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