Keeping It Real

You’re browsing through random lifestyle blogs and you come across it – a crisp white blog with the fantastic photography. A flawless blogger who never has a hair out of place; she has a bottomless bank account and seems to always find herself at the fanciest parties. Sense a little jealousy from me? Well maybe a tad, but it’s short lived when you realise that this blogger is a member of an ever growing niche that I have become fond of calling ‘Flogging’ or Fake-Blogging (yes, I’m coining this term – make sure you credit me!)

The art of Flogging involves a very carefully curated collection (nice alliteration!) of events, belongings, opinions, lifestyles and even acquaintances, designed to create the perfect persona. Her photographs usually show a minimalist home, only the trendiest of clothes and often she knows little boutiques or restaurants that no one will have heard of. This is all well and good if this really is what they’re like, but as you get to know these people (or if you know of them in real life) you start to realise that it’s all for show.

These are extreme examples, but it’s very hard as a blogger not to fall into this trap. You want followers, to be liked, to be aspired to, so you make certain choices. I know in the past I have chosen a certain combination of ice cream flavours, for example, because it was more photogenic and look better in a blog post. Bad Erin. I like that my blog is a variation of fitness, general life, events, places and product reviews. I never orchestrate my posts, but I will choose what I will and won’t write – I know some of my posts are boring, and some are interesting, but that’s because some of my life is boring and some is interesting! What you read is what you get if you meet me. But for some reason I’m really intrigued by these fake lives. They’re like reading a soap opera, even though you know it’s not real, it’s addictive to find out what’s coming next.

However, when I read a blog I like to see the personality of the person writing it. I like to read opinions, likes and dislikes and not just where someone went or the latest new thing they tried. It takes some work to research some subjects or network with companies you like. You have to link with people and places and genuinely spend time – but it’s not hard if you’re wanting to write about something you love. I’ve noticed a lot of these Floggers only write about things that are becoming super trendy, just before they kick off – and often they’re brands or products that I’ve already blogged about previously, because I’ve found them myself and really really love them.

And that’s why I could never become a Flogger. I love to write about what I love – my friends, my experiences, what I ate or saw – because I love my life, and that’s why I want to share it with you, 1 reader or 1000 readers! So know that you’ll always get an honest post from me. The photography might be a bit shoddy. The opinions and subject matter in my blog posts might not always be your cup of tea – feel free to skip those – but know that what you get from me and my blog is 100% real, never fabricated or embellished. That’s the way I like it and I hope you do too!


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5 thoughts on “Keeping It Real

  1. I love this! Everything you write here is so true… while we all want to be that ‘perfectly curated’ blogger, the truth is it’s far more interesting to be imperfect but real. It’s why I love reading your blog.

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