This Week I Have Been Mostly….


Yes, it’s only midweek, but time flies so fast – so here’s my ‘this week I have been mostly’ update:

  • Changing from coffee to tea. I usually go through phases where I want either tea or coffee, but never both. I’ve just started making my change back to tea, and with good timing since Teafields London have sent me a huge parcel of samples. They’ve included some wonderful (and expensive) teas including a beautiful flowery earl grey, jasmine pearls and some wonderful looking green tea that looks like little pebbles. I plan on doing them justice by sampling each one and doing a write-up on here, so stay tuned!


  • Feeling nostalgic as one of my friends found an old photo from around 2001 at a Four Star Mary gig in Oxford. The room we were in was above a pub and hotter than hell. I can be seen in the photo below wearing a union jack skinny fit tee which I loved, and it said Made In England under the flag. I’m going to be celebrating Aaron, the guy in the photo’s wedding at the end of the month alongside a lot of the people with whom I went to this gig – it’ll be a fabulous reunion!


  • I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t had a huge amount of time for Pinterest or Instagram but that just means that when I do find the time, there’s a lot of lovely things to look at. One such thing was this lipstick I found on Pinterest. I have since found it for just a few quid on Amazon and have proceeded to add it to my birthday wishlist. It looks like magic!

  • Looking forward to my next Body Attack class, tomorrow evening. It’s crazy since it’s such intense cardio and during it you feel like you want to die, but afterwards you know how hard you’ve worked. I can’t wait to continue attending and see the improvements weeks down the line.


  • Looking forward to Saturday because during the day I’m meeting up with the girls for a picnic kind of to celebrate my birthday which is the following week, and in the evening to celebrate Tash’s birthday, also next week, with drinks and dancing. The weather’s looking a little shoddy but one of the girls has offered up their house as a backup should it seem a little dicey picnicking by the lake. I love spending time with these girls so I really can’t wait for Saturday to arrive!

Lots to look forward, and more to come!

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