Brief Encounter

On Friday I turned 31 and despite me being older I still like to spend the day doing fun things and taking advantage of it being my birthday. I tried to have a lie-in but it just wasn’t happening so I got up slowly after having breakfast in bed, and headed over to my parents to spend some time with them.

Early afternoon Gary was free and so we headed back home, had lunch and then headed off to London. As a birthday present Gary had bought us tickets to see one of my favourite films, Brief Encounter at the Royal Festival Hall. But this wasn’t any normal film screening. It had been painstakingly worked on so that all the music waves had been removed and these were to be played by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.


First of all the whole show was introduced by Celia Johnson’s daughter, Lucy Fleming, who eloquently spoke of her Mother and read excerpts of letters she wrote to her husband during filming. Lucy’s voice was very very reminiscent of her Mother’s.

To begin, the orchestra played Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 which features in the film. Then intermission and then the movie was shown. It took a whole day to do about 60 seconds of sound editing in order to remove the music but leave all other sound. Such an effort but so worth it and it was magical to hear the orchestra strike up and play the score we all knew and loved, during the film.

There were multiple times I forgot an orchestra was playing the music until I noticed the sound was wider than it should be for a film and I remembered that it was being played in front of me.

It was a wonderful evening and a really special way to celebrate my birthday. I must admit it was also very nice to see some of the people heading to Secret Cinema on the way…. I was a tad jealous!

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