One Wedding and an Ice Bucket

And so ends a crazy two months of not having a single second to spare. I’m rather tired, but it’s been so much fun! Here’s what I was up to over the last week.

I attended the wedding reception of an old friend Aaron as he legally married his life partner Francis. It was a lovely evening and I got the chance to have a great catch up with my friend Helen, as well as meet up with some people I haven’t seen in 13 years. Remember the photo I put up a while ago from a Four Star Mary gig? Well this was the first time I’d seen these guys since then!



It was great to see them all again, and have a good chin wag and a boogie!

I also got to have dinner with my friend Jen – yes I see her at work every day but I still miss her at weekends, and since this was a bank holiday I needed my Jen fix.

Bank Holiday Monday was raining hard so our original plans of having a day in Hampstead changed to a day at White City Westfield. We spent the day with Gary’s parents and had a wonderful lunch at Bill’s. I had grilled hake with a tomato and avocado salsa and a spring onion and potato rosti. It was amazing!

I also managed to get a lot of sleeping done which has done me the world of good and I now feel good enough to get back to the gym!

Today I was nominated to complete the ice bucket challenge. If you’ve always wondered what my voice sounds like then you can see my video below!

And that was my week! Stay tuned for part two of my Secret Cinema Back To The Future report…..

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