This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

  • Listening to Ben Howard and Ed Sheeran. It’s a mixture of immersive, emotion and happiness that I’m loving.
  • Getting excited because I got tickets for me and a friend to attend Lena Dunham’s book event at the end of October. Exciting!!


  • Getting excited because G and I are also going to see Ben Howard in December.
  • Getting even more excited because this time next week I’ll be in Disneyland, Paris soaking in the happy.
  • Feeling emotionally rubbish but I’ve had support from a wonderful friend and a wonderful husband (as well as a couple of you online type guys)
  • Getting back into the gym, and enjoying it. I had a rest, which was nice, but now I’ve given myself just under a year to get the bikini body I want. This means 3x cardio a week and weight training twice with two rest days in there.


  • Loving my hair colour – last weekend I completed round two of dying and the different shades are starting to come through already.
  • Anticipating the new iPhone which will no doubt be announced next week. I really need a phone that I can turn on and off and that holds battery for more than two hours…… but I’m a sucker and will always replace my iPhone with another iPhone. Apple, you got me!


6 thoughts on “This Week I Have Been Mostly….

  1. Nove hair colour: this is about a previous blog of yours, I attended Scoulton School when your grandfather Ian Rowarth was headmaster. I have many fold memories and only just learnt of his death browsing the net, do you have an photos of Scoulton School and Ian there? It would be be very special to me. All best, Dylan

    1. Hello Dylan. I don’t have any photos of my Grandad at school unfortunately. But thanks for commenting and I will pass you regards on to my Mum, Ian’s eldest daughter.

      1. Sorry for the typos. If your mum attended Scoulton School in the late 60s / early 70s I probably knew her. Your grandfather was a very very special man and much of what little wisdom I have I owe to him. If your mum has any photos of Scoulton School that she could email me, that would be very special. Thanks for passing on my comments. All the best, Dylan.

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