Cake and Ice Cream

This weekend G-Man and I headed off to the big smoke and to Regent Street for the second annual NFL street party. I don’t have any interest in American football at all, but Gary does so off we went in search of cheerleaders and hot dogs. We found neither, and ended up going shopping else where!

There was a lot of buzz and little inflatable activities to do but nothing really amazing, so we went off to get some lunch. Firstly we headed off to Stax off Carnaby Street where we’d eaten before. We were seated but told no burgers were on the menu for another 40 minutes which was a shame since that was what I’d really fancied. Twenty minutes later we still hadn’t been given any water, no one had taken our order and none of the wait staff were exhibiting any sense of urgency so we got up and left. I doubt the waitress even realised we’d gone and wondered why she’d left two menus at the window bar. Stax, we gave you a chance and you let us down.

We then headed to The Diner on Carnaby Street where we had an amazing meal and the staff were brill. I had a Hawaiian burger with wet fries. The Diner gravy is amazing guys, you’ve got to try it.

Then we headed off for another wander into a few shops and around the area taking in the gorgeous warm autumnal weather.



We stumbled across a gelato shop in Covent Garden called Gelatorino. This shop’s only other store location is in Monte-Carlo so we guessed it would be the proper stuff. So many places serve what they call gelato but it’s just ice cream. Real gelato has the most amazing smooth mouthfeel which is down to the lack of ice crystals in the mix. I chose a small tub with two flavours – green apple and salted caramel. Together they tasted like toffee apple! Both flavours had such amazing strength and body and were just wonderful.


Unfortunately Gary took a turn for the worse and started to feel a migraine coming on soon after this so we headed on home and had a relaxing low-key evening.

Sunday was chores and lazy lie ins – that’s what Sundays are for, right? I managed to get some food prep done for the week ahead before we headed out and over to my Mum and Dad’s. It’s my Dad’s birthday on Tuesday and we all got together, along with my sister and her family, to celebrate the big day! There was lot’s of catching up, chats, singing and dancing as well as party food – including yummy banoffee cake!


Gary took some photos of our ugly mugs too!

It was a good weekend. Busy enough since I’m still not feeling right after this sinus thing and hay fever is still kicking my butt. Next weekend is über exciting, but you’ll have to wait until then to read all about it 🙂

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