This Week I Have Been Mostly

this week i have been mostly


I’ve been absent for about a week, so sorry about that. I’ve been super busy and then feeling really rather under the weather so I’ve not had the inclination to blog. But here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • On Tuesday my Mum and I sang with Rock Choir as support for Kerry Ellis on her UK tour. Kerry is a West End performer and has sung in loads of shows including Wicked (both here and on Broadway) and We Will Rock You. It was a great experience and I hadn’t been on stage for 13 years, so a little nerve-wracking! I was able to sing Let It Go from Frozen so I was pleased 🙂
  • Byron tweeted me to say ‘well done’ for working out what the burger I’d eaten in 1955 was! I’m so pleased I was right!
  • Gary and I have started watching Lost from the beginning. Having given up watching it when it was originally airing at around midway through season 2, we thought we’d give it a go since we can now watch all the episodes together and not have to wait week by week. I have seen the last episode already, but that isn’t spoiling it for me and I’m really enjoying watching it so far.
  • Last Saturday I met up with some old friends, two of whom’s wedding it was I went to recently and had a good catch up. I heard all about honeymoons, pantomimes and theatre.
  • The weather has been so majorly weird – we’ve just had what I can only describe as a mini heat wave in October and today we’ve caught the end of Hurricane Gonzalo. The temperature has dropped and a lot of the beautifully brown turning crisp leaves have been blown off the trees and onto the ground.
  • I don’t think I have previously mentioned that Gary and I went to see Gone Girl. It was the first time we’d been to the cinema all year! The film was really good. We both love the book but the movie didn’t take anything away from that. The film gave me the same feelings I’d had when I read the book.
  • I’ve been really enjoying cooking and as the weather gets cooler I tend to move towards roast, stews and hearty plates of food. I’ve been making a nice collection of possible meals from Pinterest. I need never buy another cook book again (unless it’s Nigella of course!)

There’s one other bit of exciting information to share, but I have to wait until all the people involved know about it before I spill (no, I’m not pregnant), but stay tuned!

Also stay tuned for my upcoming blog review of Teafields’ teas. Luxurious, high quality and totally delicious, I was lucky enough to be sent a massive selection to try. I have 3 more to sample before my review can go live, but in the mean time please go and look at their website. You’ll never drink PG Tips again. Here’s a sneaky peek at one of the teas I’ve sampled:

Jasmine Pearls

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