Visiting the Poppies

Last Saturday Gary and I headed to London on what I must say was the mildest November day I have ever experienced. Wearing a summer vest and a cardigan I sported my sunglasses all over central London and on occasion was baffled by stores with their heating on.

We’d travelled primarily to see the poppy garden at the Tower of London in memory of World War 1 and in particular the centennial of the start of the war. Knowing that it would be very busy we decided to make our way there as the sun set and spent the rest of the day mooching around the shops. We made a stop in Jack Wills where I was encouraged by Gary to by a new nail polish (girls, I married a goodun) and found a lovely pair of fairaisle leggings for winter. Then we stopped in to Big Easy in Covent Garden where we’d managed to get a last-minute lunch reservation. But not before I visited the Moomin shop and got to have my photo taken with real life Moomintroll!


Lunch was yummy but way too filling so we needed a good walk. We visited Hamleys to look at Furby Booms only to leave disappointed that they didn’t actually have any, or else they weren’t on the floor they were labelled on at least, and then headed towards the Tower of London.

The place was packed and having the closest Underground station closed only made matters worse. But we managed to get a good look at the ceramic poppies, which had been ‘planted’ to symbolise lives lost and blood shed, and take some photos.


We headed home as the sun set and still as we walked home in the dark it was unseasonably warm, but it had been a wonderful autumnal day without the bulk of having to wear coats.

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