The Time I Recorded at Abbey Road

Last weekend I hopped on a bus with the rest of my Rock Choir and we headed off to London, to the famous Abbey Road recording studios. I didn’t have to find a bus buddy because I was lucky to be sitting next to my Mum who is in her 6th year of Rock Choir (since her choir formed) and had already recorded at Abbey Road last year!

Fighting off a cold, I filled myself with overnight oats and cold and flu tablets but before we knew it we were there. We had time for photos on the front steps.


And then we went in. We walked through the corridors with photos depicting artists recording their music lining the walls, and film posters showing which movies had had their scores created there.

I had already been inside Abbey Road once, years ago when they held a film festival. I watched Lord Of The Rings in Studio One where they’d recorded the score, but this was a totally different experience.

We headed to Studio 2 where there were more pictures of the Beatles and Pink Floyd and lots of different types of pianos. We were to use this room as a cloak room, but we were allowed to tinkle the ivories and take photos whilst we waiting for Studio One to be ready. We were also told a little about each of the pianos and what they’d been used to record (and who had played on them!)


Then we moved into Studio One, lined up in our different vocal groups. It was such a massive room with loads of tall mics and a chair with a set of headphones for each of us. We were recording flat-out for an hour and a half and I have to tell you it was very intense. It’s a totally different type singing in comparison with performing to an audience. When you perform to an audience you have to look right, be energetic, move when everyone else moves and project your voice. Singing for a recording is the opposite. The sound is all that matters, and you mustn’t sing too loud, sing the wrong thing, sing out of tune and you have to sing in sync with everyone else. Obviously we always try to do those things, but every single voice could be picked up on the mics so you had to be perfect. We recorded three songs which we have burned on cds as a momento.


That’s my crazy face after we had finished. It was an amazing experience and one I’ll never get the chance to do again. I’m so grateful I was able to have the opportunity and that I was able to share it with my Mum too!

That’s one ticked off the bucket list!

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