Catching Up

And all of a sudden it’s Christmas!

We’ve upped the decor this year and this weekend I started to feel like it was Christmas because the tree went up and we bought some more decorations for around the house. We watched Home Alone and wrapped the presents to complete the tree look. My Christmas song playlist got its first outing of the year and I wore an awful lot of fairisle!


It doesn’t seem like that long since Halloween and I can’t tell you where November went. Before you know it I’ll be posting my 2014 round-up and talking about plans for next year. What I loved about putting the tree up this year was that I was able to involve my friends, metaphorically speaking.


The top picture is a decoration I got from my friend Beckie, last Christmas, and I just had to put it up again this year. I’ve also put up the mistletoe she sent last year too. Underneath that is a decoration which I got in the summer and usually lives on the mantle but has been moved to the tree for the festive season. It features a photo of all us book club girls and it’s a picture from a special day because it was Easter Sunday and also the day one of the girls announced she was pregnant.  (She has recently had her baby, and he is adorable. I’ve already had cuddles!)

Following the festivities I’ve been working on various themed manicures. Last week was dark grey and snowfall gradient

925617_864513893592866_1698284993_nand this week I have brought out the old favourite, candy canes.


They took an age to do though, so I’m glad it’s just once a year!

Gary and I visited the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to continue the Christmassy-ness. We had bratwurst with red cabbage and potato dumplings, corn cobs, mulled wine and mini pancakes topped with hot Nutella.


It’s all gotten us into the swing of Christmas and we’re very much looking forward to continuing the festive fun over the next few weekends.

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