This Week I Have Been Mostly…

this week i have been mostly

This week I have been mostly celebrating Christmas! The week of Christmas is always an odd one. I have no idea what day of the week it is, or what time of day it is for most of the week.

Monday to Wednesday we were at work, but had a half day on Wednesday as it was Christmas Eve. We finished work at lunch time and had a wonderful meal at the local village pub and said our Merry Christmases. Once at home I spent the rest of the day with Gary prepping our evening and getting ready for our traditional Christmas Eve movies. We bought take-away and watched The Holiday and The Polar Express in our pyjamas!

After such a busy couple of weeks I finally started to relax and was asleep by half 11, dreaming of Santa and snow…. well maybe not but I did sleep really well! We woke on Christmas morning after 8am which is good work for me.

We sat under the tree and exchanged gifts (Naked 2 palette and Essie nail polish!) and then had hot croissants and orange juice for breakfast. We spent the morning with Gary’s family at his Mum and Dad’s house and then headed to my parent’s for Christmas lunch and more presents. My Sister and her family and my Grandad were also there and it was lovely spending the day with them since I don’t see them an awful lot normally.

Gary and I received some wonderful gifts including a hamper full of peanut butter flavoured goodies, a Ghostbusters Lego set, an amazing tea set from the Brew Tea Co and Mum bought me another term at Rock Choir (which I’m so excited about!). By about 7pm Gary and I were exhausted so we headed home and had a little nap whilst watching Frozen on Sky. By 9:30 we were tucked up in bed and watching more tv – not very rock and roll but totally cosy and exactly what we wanted to do!

Boxing Day was another day of rest. We had a late start and then headed over to Gary’s Mum’s for lunch before heading back over to my family to say goodbye to my Grandad who was heading back home. Reports of snow and torrential rain were justified as the freezing rain hit, but thankfully no snow for us, only sleet onto wet ground. We’re hoping that the upcoming weather doesn’t scupper our new year plans.

We’ve had a couple of really wonderful relaxing days and we’re now ready to hit the gym, sort out the house and start 2015 with a bang. We already have quite a few things planned for next year and they’re all very exciting! So we’re going to enjoy the rest of the weekend and then hit the ground running in preparation for January. Another successful Christmas.

2 thoughts on “This Week I Have Been Mostly…

  1. Thankfully no snow? You dont want snow?? I’m dying for some!

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, you got some fun gifts and I love watching Polar Express, although since I always watch it at work with my class, I have yet to watch the whole thing lol!

    Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    1. Haha! yep haven’t you noticed us Brits don’t know what the heck to do in snow? The whole country would come to a stand still.

      It was a wonderful Christmas, thanks 🙂 We always save the Polar Express for xmas eve so whenever we watch it it has that special feeling of anticipation. I recomend watching it all the way through when you can!

      Enjoy the rest of yours too!

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