Attempting To Get Crafty

I’ve never professed to be the craftiest of people. I like to cook, and at one point I was rather good at it. Between the ages of 8-16 I had the time and inclination and I’m grateful to my Mum for encouraging me. I used to make iced novelty cakes and even made the Christmas dinner for the family at about 12-13 when both my Mum and Sister woke up with flu. Somewhere along the way life took over and I lost the will to cook or at least be adventurous. But since moving into this house, and thinking more about the food I eat, I’ve had the motivation again and thankfully I’m still okay at it. Though I still can’t break an egg without getting shell in the bowl – something I used to be fine at.

I have been known to cross stitch and I’m not too bad, but it’s very expensive to buy the kits and I do need instructions – I’m not THAT good. I could never knit, and today was a good example of having the will with no skill as I tried to make a 30 minute infinity scarf using just two balls of wool and my arms, and now, three hours later, I have a lovely Tesco bag full of tangled wool to show for it. I’ll try again another time. It has not defeated me!

I spent a good few years making cards and scrapbooking with a lot of gusto but not a lot of cash. The bits and bobs I still have left over come in handy on occasion.

Every year at Christmas, I toy with the idea of making some handmade gifts for friends and family and then decide it will either be too time consuming or costly. But this year I stuck to my guns. Having eaten a lot of Gu puddings in my time (a lot), Gary had been getting increasingly frustrated with the number of glass ramekins we had in the cupboard, that I obviously wasn’t going to use for cooking (I’m not a souffle kind of girl) and refused to throw away (I am my Father’s daughter, and if it still has use it stays).

As a child I’d had a candle making kit so knew candle making was a simple task, but I also knew could make something special out of those little glass pots. After a little research I bought some soy wax flakes (they have a lower smoking point and cool to a lovely wintery white colour), wicks and candle scent. After a few emails to and fro and a package that never arrived, I finally had all the ingredients.

Making candles is simple, as long as you buy the correct wax for what you’re making. Different mixes of wax are suitable for moulded candles and container candles as they will set slightly differently.


I’d used a chocolate oil to scent the candles and as they cooled they made the house smell of warm chocolate pudding – which coincidentally had been what was in the pots originally! I was a little sad I’d not made enough to keep one but have been reassured they smell lovely when burned.

I decorated the little pots with Christmas ribbons and little wooden charms, then wrapped them in cellophane, tied with a bow. I was rather pleased with them and have a little bit of wax left so I could make one for myself if I wished to. It was fairly cheap and very easy to do with no technical skill, only if you attempt it make sure you google some instructions so you’re aware of potential dangers and pitfalls in your particular project. But it was a success! Now I have to think of something for next year……!

Next up….. take 5 on the infinity scarf… I won’t let you win!


3 thoughts on “Attempting To Get Crafty

  1. That’s such a good idea for a gift, I’ll have to remember that for next year. Although, we don’t get pudding in glass jars like you!

    Good luck with the scarf, I’m struggling to make one too!

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