This Isn’t A Real Post

realThis isn’t a real post, it’s just some thoughts.

  • This video popped up on my Facebook recently, and what I found most interesting about it wasn’t the amazing will and determination of the athlete depicted in it, but the fact that a huge percentage of people’s comments (on Facebook, not BBC where the video was originally posted) were really derogatory. People actually commented that the video was disgusting or stupid because she ‘obviously wasn’t fit enough’ or ‘shouldn’t run before she can walk’. This is astounding and obviously ignorant. It baffled me. It’s also worth noting, this runner still managed to finish in 3rd place. Not too shabby.
  • I’ve been getting back into running, mainly with the help of a podcast called Serial. I’d never listened to podcasts before, and I’m finding I’m able to plan my runs in accordance with how long the episodes are. They have been gradually increasing in length, and so have my runs since I know I’ll want to stay on the treadmill for the duration. I’ll talk more about Serial once I’ve completed the series, but with only two episodes left I’m wondering what to listen to next. Another podcast, an audio book? If anyone has any podcast recommendations I’d love to hear them. It also got me to wondering; if you listen to an audio book, is it cheating to say you’ve read that book, if asked?
  • I’m off on my holly-bobs in a couple of days. We’re off to Las Vegas, and for the exact time we’re there they are experiencing a cold snap… typical. However a cold snap in Nevada is the same as late Spring in the UK so who am I to complain? I’m looking forward to cocktails, yummy meals, shopping and seeing the sights. It might not be poolside weather but I’m ready to drink in some sun rays and enjoy some long lazy days! Does anyone have any tips for quickly getting over jet lag, so I can get straight into holiday mode?
  • It’s almost March…. where’d February go?


One thought on “This Isn’t A Real Post

  1. how astonishing. People who probably can’t walk a mile and are wiping crumbs off their shirts as they hit the enter button. Let someone who can walk a marathon throw the first stone, never mind run. It’s called will and determination, people.

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