Las Vegas by Numbers

Last week we spent an amazing 7 days in one of our favourite places in the world, Las Vegas. But you don’t want a boring day by day run down of our holiday, so here’s our vacation round-up by numbers!

  • 11 – the number of hours our flight to Las Vegas took.


  • 8 – hours behind the UK. We didn’t really suffer from jet lag either when we arrived or when we came home.
  • 2 – boxes of blister plasters I went through when I realised I’d brought all the wrong shoes to trample the strip.
  • 2 – pairs of new shoes I bought while there to assist my poor broken feet.
  • 10 – we averaged 10 miles a day walking around. No wonder my feet hurt!
  • 3 – the number of shows we saw whilst there – Michael Jackson One (Cirque de Soleil), Human Nature Motown Show, Jersey Boys (our 6th time seeing the show!)


  • 4 – I watched 4 new movies over our 2 international flights – Mockingjay Pt 1, Men Women and Children, Nightcrawler and Skeleton Twins. I really recommend the last three.
  • 1 – The number of times we heard the word ‘dang’ legitimately used.
  • 2 – We ate at Hash House a Go Go twice, on our first morning and our last. It was worth the wait on the last day.


  • 3 – the number of games of roulette I played. Also the number of games I came out up!


  • 35 – the number of hours we were awake from the day we left Las Vegas to the day we arrived back home.
  • 1 – the number of times I rode the New York, New York rollercoaster. It was fun, but wasn’t thrilling. I need something more extreme! Gimme the Hollywood Tower of Terror!

11061285_10155478212280727_6311385057821856076_nWe love Las Vegas and can see ourselves making a trip there a regular occurence!

2 thoughts on “Las Vegas by Numbers

  1. 35 hours awake? I would not have been able to cope with that!!!
    Sounds like you had a fab trip. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I know it’s somewhere Dan would like to visit so hopefully we’ll get there one day.

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