Good Eats

Last week the G-Man turned 32 and even though he doesn’t really celebrate his birthday normally, we decided it would be nice to go out and have a meal. We wanted good food and something different. Since Milton Keynes now is a mecca for chain restaurants (it has 5 Nandos in the space of 5 miles!) we knew we’d have to go out of MK for something decent to eat.

Gary found the website for a lovely looking pub in Tring called The Akeman. It looked like a London-style pub with a great selection on the menu. I think we’d both chosen about 3 meals worth of food just by looking online at the menu.

We weren’t disappointed when we arrived. The staff were friendly, the atmosphere was relaxed but classy and had it been warmer and not raining their garden area looked very inviting. We had a peruse of the menu, and even though we’re not 3 course people we ordered three courses each!

To start I had chicken crackling: chickenskinI love pork crackling so was interested to try this. It was crunchy, light and very tasty with the sauce.

Next I had roasted golden and pink beetroot with tenderstem broccoli, chia seed, honey, orange zest, yoghurt and thyme dressing.

beetrootsaladThis was delicious. Light and refreshing and felt really healthy. Gary had bruschette topped with tomatoes, basil, garlic and oil.

For my main course I had lemon and thyme chicken, with a pumpkin sage and potato hash, smokey bacon jam and jus.


I couldn’t locate the smokey bacon jam, but the hash was in a light gravy type thing which could have been the jus. It didn’t taste of smokey bacon though. This dish was in a section on the menu called Comfort Food and I could tell why. The first mouthful of this was seriously comforting. It was as if I’d taken a bite of all the best roast dinners I’ve ever had all in one go. This also came with crispy chicken skin on it. Gary had Penne Arrabbiata which he really enjoyed!

I decided to forgo the desert and have a coffee, but Gary had a brownie with salted caramel ice cream, which I tried a little of and it made me quite emotional. So good!

The place, atmosphere, staff, food and selection of food were great. We’ll definitely be back. We were told the menu changes fairly regularly to change with the seasons, and we could tell thought was put into the dishes just by looking at their specials menu. There was much more we could try so it won’t be long until we visit again.

If you’re passing through or fancy a trip to Tring you should really pop in and give them a try – they even do breakfast!

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