Bikini body – 3 months in

For those who read my blog regularly you’ll know I’m off to Ibiza in September to celebrate the engagement and wedding of one of our good friends, Sarah. It’s my first girly holiday, my first beach holiday and my first Hen weekend.

It’s also going to be the occasion I wear my first bikini. I’ve owned them in the past but never had the nerve or occasion to wear one. I’m not body confident. I have a wobbly stomach, sticky out ribs, small boobs, tiny waste and massive child-bearing hips. My weight yo yos and usually just sticks to my hips and stomach. So since the end of December last year, I’ve been working hard to put this right.

Since then I’ve been running twice a week (now three times), with at least one run to be for an hour and the other run(s) no less than 5k. Yoga twice a week, abs twice a week and weights once a week. The Nike Training app has been a godsend – I use it for yoga and abs and the occasional cardio workout if I can’t get to the gym. Since they’re timed 15 min sessions I know I have to complete the whole 15 mins – that’s not too long to fit into a busy day but long enough to feel a difference. And now you can link your app to the iPhone 6 Health app and it adds that Nike Fuel to your daily activity. Not a huge deal, but I like seeing all my activity on there. Makes me feel a bigger sense of achievement.

Since I started, I’ve slimmed down to the point where none of my trousers fit any more so I’ve had to buy a new pair of jeans, and my perfect fit jeans are slightly too loose….. argh! I’m starting to feel ab definition and my arms are more toned and getting back to how they were a year ago before I stopped weight training to focus on running training.

The running I’m doing now isn’t all just for cardio’s sake – I’m training for the London Bupa 10,000 at the end of May! I’m really looking forward to this race for a few reasons – it’s my first race of the year and you get to run some of the landmarks the lucky London Marathon runners will have just run, even finishing up by running down the Mall. I’ve also decided to run this race for Dementia UK, a wonderful charity to assist those and the families effected by dementia.

4a63c769-f6d6-4a9e-a3bd-d8e366fe00daLook, there I am!

I’ve set up a Just Giving page, which you’re welcome to visit and donate on if you wish.

I also have the Race for Life and Women’s Running 10k Series race planned for later in the year. By then I’ll be so svelte I’ll be one of those women who just runs in her sports bra….. not likely…. But who knows, I might eventually share some of my progress photos if I’m brave enough…..

I’ll update you again in about 3 months!

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