Kids These Days Will Never Know The Struggle

The other day I saw this meme online:

CEld5BNUkAAgXi_.png large

And it’s true. Kids will never understand that if you saw the dialing attempt go above 2, you just weren’t getting online. Or that you had to make sure no one was on the phone anywhere in the house to be able to connect. Or that if you had a BT Answer message waiting to be heard you wouldn’t be able to connect. Or know this sound:

Or even understand how it once took me 4 hours to download a movie teaser trailer (The X-Files Movie – and yes, it was worth it at the time)


Yes, boys and girls, it was a common occurrence that you’d hit download on something tiny by today’s standards, and it would tell you it would take hours, if not days to download.

And boy golly, you have no idea how old I felt when I realised I had to explain to my 13 year old nephew why you might have to plug in a computer to access internet, and what a modem was.

The struggle is real.

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