Summer, Fairs and Singing

Last weekend we headed off for Towcester racecourse, for their annual Food and Drink fair. The weather had taken a turn for the better, and despite it being windy it was mild and a great day to visit. Looking at the stalls only took us around an hour but we spotted a couple of dairy free stalls and some lovely places selling yummy sauces. We’re both partial to a good sauce, and since visiting Las Vegas I’ve been trying to find a mustard sauce to rival the one I had the Tap Sports Bar. We found one that came pretty close!

Heading back from there we realised that the West Bletchley Carnival was on so we walked down to the park where it was being held. It was the perfect day for it, and the musical entertainment was really good. Complete with mini fun fair and mini train rides, it was a great turn out!

Sunday was a busy day, as me and Mum were heading to the NEC in Birmingham, for Rock Choir 10 Live! A party to celebrate Rock Choir’s 10th birthday. The audience of the arena was made up of many choirs from around the country all sitting in their choir sections, with a catwalk stage down the middle. It was a great experience, with everyone singing along with the music they knew and the choir leaders performing too. We even had guests, Kiki Dee and Chesney Hawkes who came to sing with us.


It was a long day but really special to sing with everyone together and see how Rock Choir has changed people’s lives over the years. It was a great party!

RC8This past week has been another busy one, but made better by the weather seemingly improving for good. We’ve had some great warmth, but some crazy humidity with it. I’m hoping this trend continues because I’m on holiday at the end of this week and I’d rather like to work on my tan!

Also, great news is that all the Book Club are now back in the country after some amazing travels and we managed to get together (minus one of us who was on holiday in the UK – it’s hard to pin us down!) on Thursday. It was wonderful to be, mostly, back together again and start making plans for the rest of the summer!

More brilliant things are happening next weekend, but you’ll have to wait to hear about those!

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