Aqua Sana, Woburn

This week Gary and I have taken a little holiday to the newest in the Center Parcs family, Woburn Forest.

It being about 40 mins drive from our house, we knew it would be more of a staycation, but knowing Center Parcs well we also knew it would still feel far removed from our usual day-to-day lives.

This holiday park (if you want to call it that!) opened a little under a year ago. Knowing that their Spa had been given the special treatment, I decided to pop my Spa cherry and take a visit to the Aqua Sana. Gary and I chose the Twilight Taster for Two package, which allowed you to experience all the different rooms as well as their infinity pool.

After arriving and being told where to get our robe and towel we were ushered through to the changing rooms. Our package promised us a glass of bubbly each before we started the experience, but this was never mentioned or offered. Neither of us are big drinkers, but this bothered me a little since we’d paid for it. Ever the Brits, neither of us mentioned this as we were inside the spa proper by the time we saw someone. This staff member could obviously see we were lost, and made the effort to explain in which order to enjoy the rooms in and where we could go.

The various different rooms were very nice, though I didn’t really like the steam rooms, I did enjoy the saunas. The water beds were really comfy and I could have fallen asleep. The whole place had a very relaxed and holistic feel to it. The highlight of the experience for me was the infinity pool. Outside as it started to rain, we swam in a 1.4m deep pool which was salty as opposed to chloriney. I’m also really glad that we got the use of this pool, since the main pool in the park turned out to be less exciting than we had expected (more on that next time!).

I didn’t really get the rooms which were literally just seats with ding dongy music since I wasn’t really experiencing anything, but that’s just not my style I guess.

We managed to spend 3 hours in the Spa but if you wanted to experience every room fully you could easily spend the whole 5 hours allowed, or even a day if you booked a suite.

After leaving the main Spa I immediately booked a Swedish massage for the next day, knowing I would benefit. Having never had a massage either, I thought I should continue my week of firsts!

So the next day I trotted back to the Aqua Sana and checked in. After changing into my robe, I managed to find my way into the treatment waiting area, but there being no one there I wasn’t sure if I had to fill out one of the medical forms everyone else had. As I say, I’m a total newbie and a little direction would have been helpful. My masseuse introduced herself and promptly asked for my form. So I had to fill it out quickly whilst she waited. I did mark that I had muscle injury, but she never asked me where this was, thought she did ask if I had any tension in my back worth noting. I honestly think tense is my default shoulder position so I just told her no.

The massage was wonderful, though I don’t feel that it made a massive difference to my life. I think maybe I’m just not a treatment kind of girl! But I’m glad I experienced it. That being said, I walked out of the spa feeling a lot lighter than I had when I walked in so it must have done something.

On leaving through the treatment waiting room I could see 5 or 6 staff members waiting to assist people as they walked in, and I realise that I should have had this assistance when I entered. They must have all been on their breaks or something – not the greatest service.

Overall we were really impressed with the Aqua Sana, not so much with the staff. It being so close to where we live I think we both decided that if we had the cash and time we’d like to come back and experience it again, and I might even try the steam rooms for a little longer this time!

2 thoughts on “Aqua Sana, Woburn

  1. I’m looking forward to the spa day Alan is giving me (and Claire) for a birthday present. The pool looks great , I love the spa pool at Elveden but this looks better. I’ll make sure I get my glass of bubbly though!

  2. A few years ago Dan and I went on a little mini break to just outside of Milton Keynes. Not far enough for us to spend the whole weekend traveling, but yet still far enough that we felt we were getting a break.
    Such a shame you didn’t receive the best service on your visit. I wouldn’t consider myself as a ‘spa girl’ either but I did really enjoy the trip my bridesmaids took me on the week before my wedding last year. Sometimes it’s nice just to relax and get pampered!

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