London Film and Comic Con

Last Sunday Gary and I completed our own Back to the Future Trilogy – 3 amazing BTTF related events in the space of 12 months.

We’d already gone back in time with Secret Cinema and seen the movie accompanied by an orchestra. On Sunday we headed to the Kensington Olympia for London Film and Comic Con.

As soon as we heard that Michael J Fox would be attending as part of the BTTF 30th anniversary celebrations and holding a talk with some of the main cast, we knew we needed to buy tickets. I’ve been to a few collector type events, being so close to Collectormania in Milton Keynes each year, and having been an uber geek in my teens this was like coming home!

The Olympia was chock full of stalls selling goodies and the Cosplay turn out was epic.

imageCan you find Wally?


After a mooch around the stalls on two of the floors we headed to the auditorium where talks were being held. We decided to stand in line for a free BTTF documentary talk which was fairly interesting, before heading outside again to line up for the BTTF cast talk.

imageAttending along with Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson were the actors who played the original Jennifer, Principal Strickland, Marvin Berry, Goldie Wilson, George McFly (BTTF2/3) , Dave McFly, Data/Needles (BTTF2/3) and Stella Baines. Each actor was announced as they walked onto the stage, but Michael J Fox received a standing ovation when he walked on.


And you could tell all the actors up on stage agreed with our applause by looking at the pride on their faces.

It was amazing to hear them talk, and take questions from the audience. We were in there for an hour but it flew by. We even got a little sing along of Earth Angel with Marvin Berry!


And it was great to hear Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd speak about their experiences during and after making the films. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Now I probably ought to start working on re-watching the other two films….

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