A Magical Baby Shower

Last year Caz was expecting her baby, Leo and this year it was Hayley’s turn. We know she’s expecting a boy and wanted to throw her a themed shower to celebrate her geekdom and her pregnancy…. so we threw her a Harry Potter baby shower!

We all jumped into the planning, with decorations, food, games and gifts.

imageimageimageBanners, owls and house crests

imageimageimageimageFood, drinks, sweets and even a tiny baby Harry cake. We even created butterbeer and love potion to drink.

When Hayley arrived she knew nothing of what was planned. I greeted her at the door, which we had covered with brick wall paper. I tapped a few bricks and the door opened to Hedwig’s Theme from the Harry Potter movies. The girls yelled out ‘It’s a Wizard’! and then we tucked into the food.

We gave Hayley presents, including a tiny baby grow from me which said ‘I’m a Keeper’ and had the Quidditch rings on it. And then we played guess the baby food and a game where we tried to guess how big Hayley was round her bump with string. I was a bit rubbish at it!

It was a lovely evening and Hayley seemed to enjoy it! It was great to have everyone together, as it was the last time we would all be together until Sarah’s wedding next June. Tash has now left for Vietnam and won’t be back until then, so it was a tad bittersweet.

Hayley’s not due for another couple of months, but soon we’ll have our second Book Club baby. Exciting!

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