Sarah’s Ibiza Hen, Pt 3

Hello! This is my 3rd and final post rounding up my recent trip to Ibiza. If you haven’t read the other two you can read part one here, and part two here!

So after an exciting, but soggy day previous, we woke, had a lovely breakfast at the hotel and then headed off to get our cab to the other side of the island and to Playa Den Bossa. At this point the rain started, rain like we’d never seen before.

Being from England we’re used to the rain, but we’re also used to it draining somewhere. Not in Ibiza. That water just sits on top of the ground. I have a wonderful memory of us all sat in the cab, chatting to the driver when the rain hit so hard. Don’t Worry be Happy came on the cab’s radio and we all (cabby included) started to sing along. It was really rather fitting with the weather being as it was.

Our hotel front was down a short path with no access from the road, and so we had to unload and carry our cases down the slope to the hotel lobby. Wading through 5 inch water in flip flops isn’t the one when your case weighs 21kg. The receptionist was wonderful and brought us dry towels before doing anything. We were delighted to find out our rooms were ready already, and so we wouldn’t have to hang about before checking in.

Our original plan had been to head to Nassau Beach where we had reserved beach loungers for the afternoon, but with the rain we knew this wasn’t possible. So we headed to our rooms, opened the complimentary wine and enjoyed our rooms until the sun cleared.

imageThe view from our balcony.

We headed to Nassau Beach club once the rain had cleared, and straight for the restaurant for lunch. I had the most amazing cocktail called a Hendrick’s Cucumber Sorbet, and Yakisoba for lunch.

imageimageThen we headed back to the hotel to get ready for our evening out!


Pacha is world famous and we’d gotten tickets for their Flower Power night. Dressed in our hippy best we headed to Ibiza town to watch the sunset from the top of old town and then walked the cobbled streets for a shop and a look around until our table was ready for dinner.

La Oliva was a beautiful little restaurant in the bustle of old town Ibiza. I would have loved to visit old town in the day and had a proper good look around as the rising cobbled streets looked beautiful and something out of a painting. I’ll just have to go back!

It was at our restaurant on this evening I tried steak tartare for the first time, and really rather enjoyed it!

imageJust tilt your head for a good look…..

We then headed off to Pacha!


The tiredness of the week catching up with me, I only stayed a few hours, but Caz and Sarah made it until around 4am because they’re hardcore!

The next morning was a fairly early start for the Aqua Boat towards the Punta Arabi Hippy Market. The biggest of its kind, this hippy market has been going for 35 years. A maze of crafts, jewellery and clothes, we spent a long time mooching and shopping the stalls.

imageI found this gorgeous rose gold tree of life bracelet to match my tan 🙂

The weather hotted up and soon we needed lunch. We had some yummy pizzas, picked up the last of our purchases and headed back to Playa Den Bossa, as we had a date back at San Antonio.

Having postponed our speedboat trip earlier in the holiday we had to return, and it was strange going back to San Antonio after moving away from it. It was kind of like visiting an old friend and I enjoyed going back to the familiar hustle and bustle.

Speed boats are very different from catamarans and we were soon wide awake from our sleepy stupour from the heat and slow pace of the day.

imageimageThere was opportunity to swim, but I decided to sit that one out, since my jelly fish sting was still fresh and itchy. We did, however get our perfect sunset.

imageIt was amazing and beautiful. The water was so calm and looked like undulating foil below our boat. We stopped just off Cafe Mambo to see the end of the sun and then danced until it was time to go back to the marina.

Paula, our skipper, allowed us into the private bathrooms at the marina to get changed and freshen up, and then we headed off to Bambudda our final meal out.

Bambudda is a fusion restaurant designed to tantilise the senses. Caz and Sarah had and shoulder massages whilst Tash and I people-watched. The food was lovely. I think if I hadn’t been delriously tired I might have enjoyed it more, but still it was a wonderful experience.

imageMe sipping on some kind of cocktail!

The next day was our last full day, and a relaxing one, which boy did we need! We caught the ferry to Formentara, a small island off the Ibiza mainland. I was promised beaches the closest I would get to going to the Maldives without actually going to the Maldives, and it didn’t disappoint.

imageimageI actually managed to catch some sleep on the beach before Sarah bought us all an ice cream (thanks Sarah!) and we headed back. Relaxed and tanned (yay!) we changed for our last activity.

Ushuaia was a club not far from our hotel, which hosts different DJ nights. I’m in a State of Trance was our night, with Armin Van Buuren headlining. It’s an amazing venue, with a pool in the centre, and it’s right under the flight path of Ibiza airport so low flying airplanes often cross your sightline over the stage, like some kind of over the top special effect.

imageimageI had a brilliant time at Ushuaia and would love to go back.

Then we headed back to pack. Our last morning was an early one, by choice. We woke, dressed and headed straight out to the beach. We wanted to catch the sunrise and give Ibiza the proper goodbye it deserved.

imageimageimageWe weren’t let down. The sunrise was as stunning as the sunset and it was a fitting end to the holiday. We got back to the hotel just in time for breakfast to begin, ate and grabbed our bags to meet our driver back to the airport.

We did a little shopping at the airport and boarded the plane for a quiet and solomn flight home.

It was amazing to see Gary at the airport when we arrived back, especially as I’d been away from him for our 9th wedding anniversary. But I really missed the girls very quickly, and I’m still missing Ibiza. I’ll definitely go back…. Girls, just pick a date and I’m there!


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