March Staycation!


I’d like to start today’s post by letting you know I’ve been featured on Just Charlie G’s blog in her Bloggers Talk Beauty section, this week. It was fun to take part, and I’d love it if you’d have a read, if beauty is something you’re interested in!

This week Gary and I have been on leave from work. We’ve got tons done and right now we’re pretty shattered!

We started our time off last Saturday with a trip to London with our niece Leah. Her birthday falls on Christmas Eve Eve which means she misses out on her birthday pretty much every year, it being so close to Christmas Day. So we decided we’d wait until Spring and take her shopping in London and do lunch. Leah chose TGI Friday for lunch so we headed to Covent Garden as it’s a little quieter there. Leah also loves the street performers so it was the perfect place to head first.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Lunch was lovely, relaxed and tasty. We then headed on to lots of shops for make up shopping and picked up some bargains and treats! I think we got everything Leah needed and wanted. We also headed to Canary Wharf to visit Gary’s work place and get an amazing view of The City from up high. By the time we’d almost finished shopping we noticed we were losing the light and it was coming up to 6pm! It was an awesome day.

We’d planned to begin working on revamping our bedroom and dressing room this week and so Monday meant a trip to Ikea. We headed first time Beckworth Emporium for a mooch, and were accidentally treated to an aerial show as some planes were practicing formations. It was really something. Lunch at Buddies and then to Ikea, where we got a lot of inspiration and ended up making 3 trips for measurements and then fitting things in the car!

Tuesday was supposed to be day one of flat pack building, but we woke up to glorious spring sunshine. We HAD to be out and about on a day like that so instead we took a road trip to Bluewater shopping mall for a browse and to enjoy the weather. It was a wonderful day, and when we returned we began building the first wardrobe.

Flash forward to Friday evening and the dressing room and bedrooms were finally complete. 4 wardrobes and 1 chest of drawers, three trips to the tip and a lot of sore fingers later! Not to mention a few more trips to Ikea (my iPhone will be telling me how long it takes to get to Ikea next week….) We’re so pleased with how it looks.

Check out this before and after of our dressing room:


And we’ve since added hooks to the sides of the wardrobes for running medals and necklaces.


I used little tealight holders to store my makeup brushes.


And I’m obsessed with these drawer organisers. We bought three sets and now pretty much everything I own is in its own little box!

So now it’s Saturday and we’re knackered! We still have some lights and artwork to get for the walls but it’s amazing how much changes like this refresh the feel of the house!

And now it’s almost Easter, so Happy Easter to you all! Tomorrow we’re having Easter lunch with my parents and then I’m on Bridesmaid duty with a trial makeup session with the girls. Then I think we’re off to the cinema to see 10 Cloverfield Lane. After that we still have another day off work! Since the weather promises to be wet and possibly stormy we’ll no doubt be spending it inside somewhere, but I feel like we’ve definitely made the most of this holiday!


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