This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

The working week following a Bank Holiday is always difficult because you always burn the candles at both ends when you have the opportunity to have some extra time off. Plus my bank holiday followed a week of leave.

We were pretty knackered after all the house stuff, but the week went fine. Still, I’m finding I’m sleepier than normal. This is probably due to the clocks changing too!

Gary’s birthday was last Thursday so we went to The Akeman in Tring for dinner. It was a really nice relaxed meal but the place was heaving and a little under staffed. Still I had a nice smoked haddock dish and a gin and elderflower cocktail so I was happy. And Gary enjoyed himself too 🙂

The weekend just gone promised some good weather. Saturday we visited my sister and her kids – we’re teaching my niece to ride her bike so were happy for some fine weather. When we saw that Sunday was going to be 19c in London it was a no brainer, and we jumped on the train to enjoy the weather.

It was still overcast but warm enough for a tee and light jacket all day. We had lunch at Jamie’s Diner. It’s an okay american style food place, which never seems to be busy. Advertised as a pop-up diner, we were surprised to see it still there over a year after first discovering it.


I had a lovely veggie burger, followed by a very large and very naughty slice of lemon meringue pie.


I’m convinced our server brought an extra large piece thinking that Gary and I were sharing, as she brought two spoons, but I managed to eat most of it all by myself.. *proud face*.

We had a lovely look around the cosmetics section in Selfridges. I’d placed a Boots order for NYX makeup last week, and was so excited for it to arrive. When it came my HD Blush was shattered. There was no packaging and it had obviously been chucked around either in the warehouse or by the courier. I took it back to the store, but since Boots don’t stock NYX in store I had to go the Selfridges to pick up a replacement (and to fall in love with Lipstick Queen’s lippies!). To be honest, the shade of blush I’d chosen originally was all wrong for me. I could have got it to work, but I think it was fortuitous that it broke as I had a good reason to return it. I picked up an alternative colour (which I love!) and brought it home to add to my new NYX collection.


There’s a sneeky peek of what I’ve picked up. I’ve tried all of it now, so expect a review soon. And I predict at least one of these featuring in my April favourites. In the UK we don’t have access to the full NYX range, but I’d love to hear from any of my American readers about what your favourite NYX lines are and what to look out for!

So it was a lovely day in London, and really felt like Spring was appearing finally! This week started out lovely and sunny, but the rest of the week’s forecast is for rain and wind. Oh well….. it is April after all!

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