First Impressions: NYX Cosmetics

first imps

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know I adore trying out new brands from all aspects of life – fashion, active wear, food, drink and at the moment most of all… make up. You could have called it, right?


NYX Cosmetics have been around for a while in the US (since 1999) but have only started making noise in the UK for around the past year. With a stand in Selfridges and a small online presence it hasn’t been too hard to get hold of their products. But now you can find them in selected Boots (stands are opening up all over the country on what seems to be a weekly basis – though not near me yet. Boo hoo!) and you can buy online with Boots, Selfridges and

I decided to try them out, attracted by the masses of positive reviews I’ve been seeing online and on YouTube and also by the price. These are drugstore prices at what promise to be high-end quality. Oh, and it’s a cruelty free brand which I love.

My first steps into the NYX world was scuppered somewhat by a bad experience with Boots online. This is the first time I’ve bought online with them and it will be my last I would expect. I bought a mini haul of products, including a blush, and when it arrived everything was put into a box too big for the products with a single bit of brown paper thrown in to the side as packaging. The blush arrived so smashed up it was basically loose powder. I mean this was dropped, kicked and then rolled around a cement mixer broken.

So disappointed. I was able to take it back to store for my refund but as NYX isn’t in my store, I couldn’t exchange it. I contacted Selfridges and their twitter customer care were so helpful even going to the extent of offering to call the store and check for the colour at their stand. Unfortunately they didn’t carry the shade I’d had to return, but actually it was a shade too dark for me so fortunately I was able to pick up a better one for me. Anyway, on to the products:


Always up for a dark circle corrector I picked up the NYX Dark Circe Concealer in Light (£6.50) I’d seen Michelle at ReadySetGlamour using this and it looked like a great alternative to the Becca Under Eye Brightening Concealer. I went for the shade Light instead of Fair as I’ve been feeling like a darker concealer under the eye suits me better at the moment. I’ve been trying this out on its own, under concealer, with and without setting powder. I think it’s good, but it’s very light coverage, doesn’t seem to set, and does sometimes crease. The pot is a little fiddly to get anything out of – if my nails were any longer it wouldn’t be easy to get any product out. I’m going to persevere with this as it is effective on dark circles but not amazing.


Sticking with colour correcting, I picked up this HD Concealer wand in green (£5.50) for redness on my face. I use this incredibly sparingly around my nose and on any blemishes or redness. I little goes a long way, or else you get cakiness – though this can be said for any makeup. It’s very effective, but again needs setting around my nose. This time of year I’m wiping my nose every ten minutes (allergies) so I find any makeup disappears very quickly in that area anyway.


The Wonder Pencil (£4.00) is a little genius of a product. This fair shaded wooden pencil has a lovely soft (but not too soft) tip and can be used in multiple ways. It’s a concealer, waterline eye brightener, lip liner (to stop your colour from bleeding) and can also be used as an eyebrow definer. This is fabulous to carry in your bag (large or small) for emergency touch ups.


The NYX Tres Jolie waterproof gel eyeliners (£9.00 each) were highly recommended by Kathleen at Kathleen Lights as fantastic tightline and waterlining products. I picked up a black and a brown and was excited to experience fantastic colour pay-off along with brilliant staying power. I have been 50/50 with this product. Firstly it’s not great for tightlining. It’s fine for lining the waterline, but true tightlining is pushing the product between the eyelashes for a fuller lashline, not colouring the waterline underneath the lashes. The tip of this pencil is far to blunt (even after using the attached sharpener) to get a precise point for a neat application. That being said, the actual product is soft and buttery and goes on very easily. If you don’t mind a little mess you won’t be disappointed. It does transfer a little to the lower lid, but I’m aware I’m in the minority when I say I don’t often line my lower lash line, so most people wouldn’t notice this. The product stays put, doesn’t flake and is pretty hard to take off (but not impossible). I have a feeling, however, that on hot days my watery eyes would cause some product to melt. We’ll see this summer!


NYX Butter Gloss (£5.00) come in a host of colours. It’s really hard to choose a colour when you’ve never seen the product in person and all you have is a fake swatch online. I chose Creme Brulee, a dusky pink. Each of these glosses smell like cake. And probably taste like cake, but I haven’t taken it to that extreme. The formula is quite thick and fairly sticky but coverage is good. This shade is slightly too light for me, and came out a little 70s. It’s still in my make-up back as it’s quite hydrating and adds a nice slick of shine to my lips. I just wouldn’t wear it on a windy day, with my hair down….


Before NYX Control Freak eyebrow gel I used the Urban Decay equivalent which I picked up for £15 last year. This NYX version was £5.50. It comes in a mascara sized tube with a mascara sized want, unlike the UD gel which is in a mini tube with a mini wand – so less product. I am IN LOVE with this NYX product. The wand works really well to groom my eyebrows and coat each hair with one swipe. The actual gel is also much much better than the UD product. My eyebrows are fixed solid, don’t look crusty and look and feel natural. I can use this with confidence that my brows wont budge during the day. I’ll definitely be buying this again when it runs out.


And lastly, this beautiful NYX HD Blush (£5.50)! As I mentioned, I bought a different shade originally, called Hamptons, which came out more dark raspberry as a shade. This shade is Pink The Town and is a matte powder. It has massive colour pay-off and a little goes a long way. The colour on my cheeks is so amazing I’ve worn it non-stop since I picked it up. It’s easy to build up and doesn’t stick to any bumps or blemishes on my face. I love it!

So my first impressions on NYX are good. Some of the products need a little trial for me, but then I find this with all makeup – I’m just getting used to it all! The quality of product is immense for such a small price. I’d just like to be able to see the products before I buy, so I’m looking forward to a NYX stand opening up near me soon – fingers crossed!

Have you used any NYX products since they launched in the UK? Or are you a US NYX fan with have hints and tips for us Brits? I’d love to read your comments 🙂

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