My Favourite YouTubers!


In the last 6 months or so I have become addicted to watching YouTube videos from beauty tutorials all the way to Vloggers. Now my subscriptions list is growing larger, I thought I’d share some of my absolute favourites with you! And I’d love to hear who you like to watch and why 🙂


The first YouTuber I watched when I started out was Amy Lynn Thompson (aka AmyLynnButtchin) I had already followed Amy on Instagram and Twitter and decided I needed to see her moving! She lives in California, loves Disney and make up and has an amazing and fun personality as well as being uber pretty. She posts sit down videos as well as Vlogs.


Next I started following Michelle at Ready Set Glamour. I found her via searching for product reviews and I just loved her style and set up. She’s very town to earth, friendly and informative. She’s gorgeous and has a great personality. Her videos are always fun, and she is a doll on Instagram, twitter and snapchat. She’s very connected with her followers which makes us all feel like a little family!


Around the same time, I found Kathleen Lights, who films beauty reviews and tutorials and the occasional chatty video. She’s also gorgeous and creates some really pretty looks in her videos. You may have heard of her before as she’s done a few collaborations with ColourPop. She also does an awesome British accent!


Goo Roo Beauty is an Australian beauty YouTuber called Jodi and I came across her through searching for a product review a while back. I noticed she has a similar face shape and skin type to me and that made me really interested in her reviews specifically, but over time I found I loved her personality and video style. She’s an incredibly real person who understands the importance of being down to earth and beautiful on the inside.


I have to mention Zoella, as one of the only English people I follow. I watch her standard videos and some of her Vlogs (they’re so incredibly long though). But she’s obviously living an amazing life and is so successful – you can’t help but be pleased for her! So I’ll carry on watching her and following her progression. Of late she’s not been uploading so many of the standard beauty videos and has been vlogging instead, which is a shame.


As we have been planning our Disney World trip for almost 2 years it was a given we’d search for Disney related videos. The best Orlando based Disney/Universal vloggers can be found at The Tim Tracker. Following Tim and his wife Jenn around the parks (I don’t know how they find the time with full time jobs tbh!) has been wonderful and really helped us plan our trip. But they’re also great fun and really remind me of me and my husband in the way they interact and have fun together. Maybe we’ll bump into them whilst we’re there!


And finally I’ll mention a new YouTuber who I’ve been really enjoying lately. Sophie Kate has only been blogging and Vlogging for a little while, but she’s uploaded a few videos and it’s great to see her sharing her day and favourite beauty products. She hates the sound of her voice, but I think she sounds just fine!

So they are my current favourite YouTube channels. I’d love to hear who you like watching and why because I’m always up for extending my subscriptions, so please comment and let me know who they are! And if you haven’t already checked any of the above channels out, please go and visit them! They’re worth it 🙂

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