Fun Times at Winter Wonderland!

Last weekend we headed to Hyde Park in London for the annual Christmas fair, Winter Wonderland.


The intention had been to go the previous day but despite it being mild weather it rained hard all day. I’m so glad we waited because the weather was lovely the following day and even though it was colder, the sun shone brightly!

When we arrived at Hyde Park the line to get into Winter Wonderland was huge, but we walked a little further down the path to a different gate, and walked right in (pro tip!)

We headed to the Bavarian Village section first, because that’s where the best food is, and I was hungry! Every year I get the same thing. German sausage, potato dumpling with gravy and hot spiced red cabbage. It took a little while to find it this time around as they’d extended the Bavarian Village section massively, but I followed my nose and found the correct stall.


The food was yummy as always, and after eating we had a little further look around the area. I was pleased to see the inside tent still there, with live singers on stage performing Christmas hits.

I got some mulled wine too 🙂


The village wasn’t too busy at this point but it was getting more and more packed by the minute! For some reason they felt it important to correctly sign post EVERYTHING!


The fairground rides this year were awesome. There was a fantastic looking rollercoaster, big wheel and haunted house.

Gary grabbed some sweetcorn to munch on which looked amazing.


We had a little look around some of the craft stalls and then headed out of Hyde Park.

We wanted to see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street and I had to nip into some of the shops. If I hadn’t already been in London I wouldn’t have dreamt of going to Oxford Street at Christmas time. It was PACKED. But I’m really glad we did. We headed to Liberty and just as we walked in a choir started singing ‘Carol of the Bells’ which is one of my favourite carols. I’m so pleased we went in when we did!


Heading home, shattered, but happy, the sunset was awesome and it was a lovely end to a perfectly festive day!

I also vlogged this trip so make sure you check out the video, even if it’s just to see the sunset at the end!

8 thoughts on “Fun Times at Winter Wonderland!

  1. I’ve been saying for years that I must go down to London to see the Christmas lights one year and I still never got round to it this year. Next year it’s a must!!!

  2. Winter Wonderland is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit but I’ve been worried about how busy it gets! It doesn’t look too bad from your photos, though! I guess the trick is to go in the day during the week! I really wish that food stalls at Christmas markets would do vegetarian sausages as it always smells so amazing. And I love love that they signposted the Christmas tree ahaha xx

    1. Yes you do have to pick your times. Google often shows peak times on the day you’re planning on going which helps! They have a lot of stuff for vegetarians. The place we bought the corn on the cob was a vegetarian stall – but I didn’t see any veggie sausages. You should definitely go! It might be less busy after Christmas and I think it’s on until the end of the year. Just be prepared for crowds and waiting for stuff and you’ll be fine. The Bavarian village is my favourite bit especially in the evening – it’s like Oktoberfest in there!!

      1. Google is so helpful for that! Oooh that sounds nice, most markets don’t have many veggie options! Going after Christmas might be quite nice actually. A good idea to keep up the festive spirit and keep post-Christmas blues away! Yeah I think if I mentally prepare myself it might not be so bad. Ooooh that sounds so fun! I am definitely tempted to visit ☺️ I guess it’s something that everyone has to experience at some point! xx

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