My Itchy Feet; A Blog About Possibility

This time of year, when we’ve all had some quality time off, we’ve woken up when we wanted, chosen what we were going to that day, been adequately lazy and then probably a little more lazy than that, and been completely our own bosses, it’s very hard to go back to work.

Yet, tomorrow we all get up at stupid o’clock and once again join the rat race.

This year seems a little harder for me since it’s the first year out of many that I haven’t had a holiday or big event to look forward to. And last year was a biggie as I had one of my best friend’s wedding and my 10 year anniversary to Disney World to look forward to.

Reading everyone’s 2017 blogs has got me yearning in the same way as I do most years.


So this year I’m putting fingers to keys (because pen to paper seems so 2008) and I’m going to type out some things I really want, just so that I can be accountable for them. These aren’t necessarily things I want for next 12 months, but for years to come and who knows when I can start putting the wheels in motion. But here’s a start:

I want to properly learn a new language

Let’s face it, it’ll probably be French. I already have a basis in French and I find it the easiest to get to grips with. But I want to be able to confidently hold a conversation with someone in another language without getting flustered and confused.

I want to learn a new skill

For a while I thought maybe calligraphy, but I’m not artistic enough for that. Today I thought I might want to learn shorthand – so maybe I’ll look into that.

I want to get a degree

This is a big one. I’m aware of the work load – and that’s partly why I haven’t taken the leap yet. I really really want to learn Law. For years now I’ve loved the idea of going back to school and learning basic law and then doing a degree in criminal law. I know it’s a huge one, and I am aware it would be hard. Especially since there’s no way I can do without working full-time. Sometimes I feel like it might be too late, but then is it ever too late? I love the idea of using that part of my brain again and being good at something – at least I hope I’d be good at it. But it takes time, money and a LOT of energy so I know it’s not something I can just jump into.

I want to travel

For a long time Gary and I have wanted to take a month off, travel, even just go to New York, rent a place for a while and live there. I’d love to be creative in a place like that. One thing I mention a lot is travelling the UK and taking photos of the kind of places no one takes pictures of. Then making a living selling those photos. It’s a big dream, but again it means taking time off work or leaving work and then how do you fund it. I’m seeing a lottery win in my future…..

So there’s a little insight to my itchy feet. Who knows what the future holds – but for now all bets are off and nothing’s off the table. It’s frustrating but at least I’m happy in the knowledge that any or all of these thing are possible eventually. I just need to work hard to get there!

8 thoughts on “My Itchy Feet; A Blog About Possibility

  1. And here in lies my itchy feet syndrome. If money was no issue and confidence was limitless, imagine what we could achieve! Do it! Do all of it, do some of it, just make sure you do something.

    Learning a language is one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted to do and I struggle, really struggle but I don’t want to feel like a tourist anymore when I can feel that little bit more integrated in to a place’s culture with the help of a few words. You won’t regret it.

    Pick up that calligraphy and doodle, in fact, pick up that calligraphy pen and copy short hand in to little arty pieces. I know you own the pen collection to get started on this 😉

    Travel – the best type of inspiration for the soul and what you can make from it. Yep work, commitments and money constraints all get in the way but it’s one of my favourite things to do in the world and I try to fit in as much as I can.

    Make the best of your 2017, I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing the stories 🙂


  2. I plan to post some of my goals for this year as well. It’s nice to have a place to refer to to look at your goals. My husbands first language is french, i hear it often and I still struggle. It’s hard but you can do it. You can do anything you’re determined to do.
    I hope 2017 is good to you and you’re able to accomplish your goals.
    P.S. I found your blog through the bloggers hub chat. Nice Read.

      1. I kind of have a similar post but I plan to post month by month. Small term goals work better for me haha

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