Returning To Orlando!

Never in a million years did I think that I would be visiting Orlando twice in as many years.

Even whilst boarding the plane last October (in the midst of a hurricane, no less) did I suspect that in just over a year I’d be heading back.

Orlando is definitely my second home, forgetting all the parks (but why would you want to?) it’s got all the weather, the food, the beaches and the views. It’s an incredible place.

So, when friends offered to have G Man and I for a stay whilst they are there in October, we knew we had to try to make it work somehow.

I’ll no doubt keep mentioning this over the period of time we have left until we head out, but I thought I would share a little bit of the things we want to do whilst we’re there!


We’re not going to be spending much time in the parks, in fact it’ll be just one evening – Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! We’ll be able to spend from 4pm til Midnight in Magic Kingdom and intend on rinsing every single second! I’ve got my costume sorted and I can’t wait to walk down Main Street and see the castle again!


Visit Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and St Augustine

Since our visit last year was straight Disney and Universal Studios jam-packed, we didn’t really go out and about in Orlando or the surrounding areas (apart from the shopping malls of course!) so this time around we want to visit some of these areas. I’m especially looking forward to seeing St Augustine because from what I’ve seen in photos it looks beautiful.


Complete my Orlando ‘Your Are Here’ Mug Collection

About a week after we left Orlando last year, Universal Studios announced the release of their Starbucks ‘You Are Here’ mug…. I knew I had to go back and get one, so that’s what I intend to do. I can’t have an incomplete collection now, can I?




Oh yes! I will be stocking up on Bath and Body Works, getting my money’s worth in Victoria’s Secret and Hollister (the prices are so much better there!) and visiting far too many Target, Ulta and Sephoras. Let’s just say I’m planning on packing light so I have room to bring things home….. eek!

The Food!!

I honestly can’t wait to get eating! Blaze Pizza, Publix Subrolls, Cracker Barrel for breakfast – and the one I’m most looking forward to… Homecomin’ I get to have that beautiful Moonshine Cake that I’ve been dreaming about all year, again! This isn’t even mentioning Dole Whips and all the other Disney treats you can get in Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs!



Speaking of Disney Springs……

I’m looking forward to spending time in Disney Springs and City Walk, as well as visiting the Boardwalk area which we didn’t do last time.


And last but not least, I’m really looking forward to hopefully visiting Clearwater beach. We didn’t have the chance last time, so I’m hoping we will this time around, because I can’t go to Florida twice and not see at least one of their beaches!

As well as all of this, we intend on relaxing, taking in the weather and spending time with our hosts. I really can’t wait!!


A Beautiful Wedding

We have just returned from a lovely break in St Ives where our good friends Sarah and Nick married at Carbis Bay.

The weather for the two important wedding days was perfect just when it needed to be. We arrived in Carbis Bay on Saturday evening just in time for the sun to begin shining. All gathered together, friends and family relaxed, caught up and ate fish and chips on the beautiful beach, which looked like something from another country.


We even managed a dip in the sea!



The following morning was the big day and the bridesmaids showed up early to get our hair done. We had been given free rein on how to have our hair, but Sarah had said we should all have a plait somewhere. I’d seen a picture a while back of the kind of thing I wanted, and showed the hairdresser. She nailed it!


I was so pleased with it!

The weather had been grey and rainy, but the sun shone bright and beautiful as soon as Sarah put her dress on.


After a few photos it was show time. The ceremony was stunning, with the back doors to the conservatory where we were seated open, we could hear the waves from the bay below, throughout.

Photos afterwards on the grass and then the beach, along with drinks and chats. It was perfect.


We all got a little sunburnt, and I was delighted that my tinted moisturiser, which has spf, protected my nose and forehead which normally burn first. I’m planning another post describing the make up I used, soon. I was so impressed with how my face still looked perfect at the end of the day!

Wedding breakfast, coffee and then disco later we were all pretty shattered. But it was a wonderful day. The DJ agreed to play some corkers, including a Book Club only dance to Wannabe by the Spice Girls, which was definitely a highlight.

Thank you Sarah and Nick for including us in your day, allowing us to share a wonderful week with you and friends, and for asking me to be bridesmaid. The day, and week, was perfect!


Chilling Out and Beach Time

On Wednesday we decided we needed to chill out a bit since we’d been so busy! We slept in late, got up slowly and generally lazed about! We visited Gary’s parents and then went off to a lovely internet cafe I love. I had some iced coffee and carrot cake and we watched the people walking by. I also finished watching Veronica Mars. What a show! I was surprised at the final episode as it didn’t seem like any kind of finale but really enjoyed the movie. Well done Kickstarter backers! I’m now in a kind of miserable withdrawal that there’s no more. Hopefully there’ll be more movies!


On Thursday Gary surprised me by telling me we would be driving to Southend-On-Sea. We headed off and enjoyed the drive, listening to the radio and hearing about all the people arriving at Glastonbury Festival. I got my usually Glasto jealousy!

We walked along the beach and had a look around the fun fair which looked like a lot of fun! I’d love to try some of the rides out when it’s a bit warmer and a bit busier. Lunch at a lovely Bistro restaurant was followed by ice creams on the beach and then we went to have a looked around the Sealife Centre. Gary bought me a windmill which made me very happy!


We made our journey home with a detour to Bluewater for a look around the shops where I snagged some bargains in the Boux Avenue sale (I own a bikini now – crazy shiz!) and dinner at TGI Friday’s. It was a wonderful day full of sun, sea, sand and shopping!

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Jolly Boy’s Outing

We’ve had another 3 day weekend here in old Blighty. I kinda wish they would spread the Bank Holidays out a little because it seems like we’ve just had loads of them all in one go. Fun, but the rest of the year is somewhat lacking the respite of a nice elongated weekend.

This Bank Holiday has been jam-packed. Saturday we planned in a lot of rest and relaxation. We woke up at 7 am as standard, and instead of getting up and starting our day we decided to stay in bed. It was chucking it down outside and the sound of the rain was so relaxing that we opened up the blinds and had a little snooze! Once up we did the boring food shop, but decided to go to a different supermarket and I’m glad we did since we bumped into one of my best friends and her husband, who don’t normally shop there either. It was great to see them and catch up for a few minutes before we left them to shop.

After lunch we popped out to the shopping centre to locate some hair products. I used to have funky chunky ginger highlights in my red hair and I’m missing them, so I’ve bought some stuff to re-do that look again. The old look was created courtesy of L’Oreal but the kit they made is discontinued now. I’m going to have to improvise so I’m setting aside a huge amount of time and will be teaching Gary my limited amount of knowledge on how to tint hair……. I’ll do it at the start of my holiday I think since if it goes wrong there will be time to fix it!

Saturday afternoon was a veg fest! Gary wanted to watch a couple of football matches so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to begin my Veronica Mars journey. I have just bought the boxed set with all 3 seasons and the 2014 movie in it and intend to watch these during the World Cup. It means Gary can watch the games and I really won’t mind! I might even get some reading done too. I have also just been introduced to the wonderful cross stitch patterns at Satsuma Street and I’m very tempted by them. They’re modern and the colours are wonderful!

We had a fairly early night because Sunday was a big day – a day trip to Brighton!

I drove to Gary’s parent’s home and then we headed off to Brighton in two cars. Once we’d arrived Gary and I headed off for fish and chips on the beach and then met our niece on the pier and went off to have a mooch around the shops at The Lanes.


There were some wonderful bargains to be had and some gorgeous designer stuff too. The weather had started off a little windy and chilly but soon it was cardigans off and suncream on.


I managed to find myself some bubble tea and drank that as we headed back to the beach where we sat and enjoyed the waves for a bit.



Then we met up with the rest of the family and the boys and Leah had a go on a bungee thing on the beach!


It was pretty cool, but the heat and sun started to get to the kids so we headed off towards the Sea Life centre. The rest of the family headed off for their car, but Gary and I stayed behind and decided to try to get a table for dinner. It was tricky and all the places we wanted to eat were booked up, but in the end we got the last table for non-bookers at Bella Italia. We don’t really like chain restaurants when we’re in a place surrounded with wonderful independent restaurants, but when you have no choice, you have no choice! The food was alright, and we went away un-hungry at least! Then we got the park and ride back to our car and headed home. On the way back Gary suggested we drive into London to continue the evening, but I was exhausted! There’s something about the sea air that really wears me out – but in a good way!

Today was another late riser. I managed to do some washing and then we headed out for lunch with my sister and brother-in-law. We had a lovely time with good food and chats, before coming back home. I’m now trying to schedule some blogs with Frozen on in the background, and later we’re heading over to my Mum and Dad’s for dinner and to see my sister’s kids who are having a mini holiday at Grandma and Grandad’s!

Jam packed, but it’s back to work tomorrow for just 3 days before I have Friday off as we’re going to see Katy Perry in London. What a strange week!

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