This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

Last week Gary and I took our first week off together since last October when we went to America. Somehow all our plans to take time off together before now have fallen flat. We weren’t going away anywhere, but we wanted to keep ourselves occupied, and we definitely did that!

My holiday started on the Friday night, after work, having dinner at my Mum’s with my sister to celebrate my Mum’s birthday.

I made her a card, using my new calligraphy skills, and I had a bookmark made for her, with some of the lyrics from When I’m 64 on them, since she was turning 64 and she loves the Beatles!



The next day Gary and I headed to London, for brunch at one of our favourite places, Balthazar in Covent Garden.


I love the decor and atmosphere inside. The weather was hotting up so I chose poached eggs on avocado toast and an orange Julius (non-alcoholic).



All delicious! We then headed off for some shopping and by the end of the day we were shattered!

We headed to Thorpe Park on Monday, with some family, for a very fun but very hot and tiring day. It was really busy considering it was a Monday and the schools hadn’t broken up yet, but there were a ton of school trips there. We ended up getting unlimited fast track bands so we could ride the rides without having to wait too long and it was SO worth it!

Tuesday I had a friend visit for lunch and then Gary and I headed to the cinema to see Hereditary. It was very relaxed going in the middle of the day and in the week! The film wasn’t worth the ticket price though, unfortunately!

Wednesday we headed out for lunch to a new BBQ place called Craft and Cleaver. I’ll post a proper review of our experience shortly.


And then we headed to a new crazy golf place, not to far from there. It’s called Mr Mulligan’s Lost World, and we got a great deal and ended up playing 3 courses with drinks in the middle.


We had great fun!

Thursday and Friday were fairly low-key. On Thursday morning we both woke feeling a little shattered, and wondering if we were coming down with something. So much doing stuff combined with the heat and random relaxing periods was knackering us out! We needed to pop to Bicester Village to their Samsonite store, as we need a couple of extra cases for an upcoming trip.


We managed to pick some cases up at a great price, had a little mooch around the other shops and then headed home for naps and films.

On Friday evening I visited a friend. There were a few of us, we got the chance to catch up and I met some new kitties!


I know how you feel kitty cat!

We had been so lucky with the weather. I even managed to get some of my Florida tan back!

It really was a lovely week off, filled with a great mixture of busy and relaxing. Now I need another holiday to recover…..




Rollercoasters and Designer Labels

Monday was a super exciting day since me and my Sister-from-another-Mister (sis-in-law) had been planning a rollercoaster date for about a year – pretty much ever since we last went. It seems we’ll be making our trips to Thorpe Park an annual affair!

This time around was a little different from last year since we were venturing out about a month later and so the weather was much better, baking hot, and the park was a lot busier, with approx 50 minute wait for each ride. But since we’d been able to go on each ride 3 times last year that didn’t really spoil it for us.

The first ride we went on was SAW. It’s probably our 2nd favourite ride there, but as it’s right at one end of the park we decided to go there first. We ended up going on Swarm twice. It’s our favourite ride and we had decided we wanted to go on the Brave it Backwards seats – which surprisingly was the fast queue (or NO queue) Backwards wasn’t as scary or fun as frontwards so we decided to line up again and give it another crack, but the right way around this time!


Despite the heat and the queues, we had a great day! I can see this becoming a regular event, and I’m sure if we can fit it in before the season ends this year, we’ll probably find time for another visit!

Tuesday I got to spend another day with Gary, since it had felt like we’d hardly seen each other for about a week! We decided to head to Bicester Village a designer outlet village near Oxford. We love going there, even though they’ve replaced most of the boutique shops I like with alternative brands. I did find some bargains including a wonderful Missoni dress (!) for an upcoming wedding reception, a beach dress from Superdry and a gorgeous linen jumper from Jack Wills.


Also from Jack Wills was this super bargain


This gorgeous polish gives full coverage with just two coats and lasts for ages. I put the OPI peel off base coat underneath it which ultimately helped with removal, but I loved it so much that I’ve also put it on my toes. Jack Wills does great nail polish – who knew?!


Once back from Bicester, we headed to my parent’s house to see them as they’d just returned from two weeks in Canada with an abundance of gifts and stories! They also brought back some Holy Crap! cereal which I’ve tried once mixed into my overnight oats. I feel very virtuous adding it to my food since it’s got so much good stuff in it, and it came at a good time since I’m almost out of chia seeds! They also brought some maple syrup back, which we had also just run out of! How handy 🙂

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One Day Holidays

Working in retail, I’ve always gotten frustrated about the fact that I don’t work a 5 day week and have a weekend with my G Man. He works the office Monday to Friday and has a lovely two-day break at the end of it, I have Tuesday and Saturdays off and work Sunday. Then one day I decided to turn my frustration on its head. I decided that I wanted to take in every second of my one day off with Gary – what’s the point in wasting it being annoyed that it was just one day? From then on I decided that as soon as my work day ended on Friday I was on holiday! And I have tried to keep this mentality up ever since.

This weekend, Gary and I went to Bicester Village for some designer window shopping. I happen to have married a man who appreciates fashion and quality! Yay me 🙂

First we visited the Bodum store. For those who don’t know, Bodum make really cool kitchen ware. It’s stylish and sometime very innovative. I’ve recently started drinking loose tea instead of using tea bags and I found this amazing tea-cup with an infuser that sits in the top of the cup and you just remove it clean and easy when the tea’s all brewed. It’s fabulous and looks cool too! I also got a little storage jar to keep my loose tea in, which also looks very stylish 😀

So later walking past the window of Ted Baker I saw a gorgeous dress in the window. Cream chiffon with sketched birdcages on it and accented birds with coloured beading. I went and tried it on but wasn’t sure the fit was quite right so didn’t take it, thinking I could get it online from somewhere in the next size down. I was wrong! Having left the shopping village I found that the size I was searching for was out of stock everywhere in the world! This is mainly because the dress was SS11 and also I’m guessing because the dress is STUNNING! Anyway, I spent the rest of the day mooning over the dress that was not meant to be, which would have been perfect for a wedding I’m going to attend this Spring! So sad.

Except – when I was at work on Sunday, Gary drove all the way back to Bicester Village and bought it for me! How romantic is that? I came home from work on Sunday evening to find it sitting on the bed waiting for me. I’m so lucky! It’s absolutely my perfect dress and he’s absolutely my perfect man 😀

So back to Saturday, on our way home we decided to stop at a carvery for a late lunch and had a massive plate of roast dinner. It’s so good just sitting at a table across from the man I adore and eating a massive plate of food! Then we had a lovely evening just chilling out, (whilst I moaned about not having my perfect dress!) and then via twitter Gary found out that a pay per view boxing fight was being shown for free on SKY and so I opened a bottle of wine and he put on the boxing and I got slowly sloshed while he watched two grown men beat each other up. Perfect evening!

It might not seem like the most exciting Saturday, but it was perfect to me!

In other news, I am gradually working my way through my large pile of books to read. So far this year I have read 3 Harry Potter books and I’m about to finish the last one,  and I’ve read all three Hunger Games books. I’m also half way through The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly.

On the subject of books, I have been accepted as a World Book Night giver! I got accepted to give away my favourite book The Time Traveler’s Wife and on 23rd April I get 24 copies of the book, for free, to give away, for free! I’m so excited to share this book and give copies out to people who might not have otherwise read it! I love this book so much that I can’t lend out my own copy to anyone (I’m very protective of it!) so this way I can share an amazing novel with 24 lucky peeps!

Yay for books! And yay for one day holidays 🙂