The Blogosphere Christmas Festival

Last weekend I hot-footed it to the big-smoke to my very first blogger event, the Blogosphere Christmas Festival.

For those of you unfamiliar with the blogging community, Blogosphere magazine is a quarterly independent publication, featuring bloggers and influencers of all sizes. It also covers advice and tips for bloggers, as well as interviewing inspirational influencers.

The event, held in Shoreditch, promised panels from your favourite bloggers as well as a brand presence and the opportunity to pick up some additional Christmas shopping!

As soon as I arrived I was welcomed by Alice, the editor of Blogosphere magazine, who made sure I had a drink in my hand and after a little chat I had look around.

The first talk was due to start within the next 10 minutes so I took the opportunity to grab a seat and settle in.


The first panel ‘Sharing Your Personal Style with the World’ featured 4 fabulous bloggers, including Siobhan (@justauniform) who I’ve chatted to over the past year or so and I was excited to finally meet. Also speaking, Steph Yeboah, Jamie Windust and Paige Calvert, a very inspiring bunch to listen to. The confidence these people have is wonderful!


After this panel, and a cheeky picture with Siobhan and Steph, I had a look around the stands and spoke with some of the brands.


Deliciously Ella’s brand provided the food



Then there was a table of lovely Kusmi teas – I tried a Christmas blend which was lovely and refreshing.


So..? were there promoting their latest fragrance range, including some new Eau de Parfum – gorgeous and inexpensive gift sets too!


OGX were also there giving out free samples of their shampoo and conditioners.

I’m not the most comfortable in social situations but I met a few lovely bloggers who were kind enough to chat to me, though no doubt I was super-awkward!

And then it was time for the next panel!

This time ‘Finding your Authentic Voice Online’ featuring Vix Meldrew, Brogan Tate, Jess Ayton and Tom Cox.

I was most interested in seeing Brogan speak as I follow her YouTube channel, but it was great to hear Vix and Tom speak about their experiences with staying authentic in what can be a cut-throat environment when you’re a full-time influencer.


At this point in the day I needed to leave to get to my next appointment, so I grabbed Alice and thanked her for a lovely event.

It wasn’t nearly as scary as I’d thought it could have been. Everyone was so friendly, and I didn’t feel out of place.

Back home I was able to have a look through the goodie bag.

Here’s what So…?’s bag contained.


I’m looking forward to giving these a go.

The Blogosphere bag contained this lovely lot:


And, I am most excited about trying these Booja Booja truffles which were also in the goodie bag. For the longest time I’ve loved their chocolates, and didn’t even know they were dairy free until recently, when it became relevant to me!


Thanks to Blogosphere Magazine for throwing a fabulous and inspiring shindig. I’ll definitely be at the next one!

This Week I Have Mostly….

….been learning from your blogs. I have learned:

  • That parents will happily send their ten-year old kids to school with a terrible packed lunch including lots of chocolate, haribo and a red bull. (via A Healthier Moo)
  • There’s no point ONLY training for your race by running. Muscle strength is important and will help prevent injury. Duh! (via The Runner Beans)
  • The Vietnamese are über hospitable when you come to stay and might get offended if you don’t eat seconds or thirds, even if they don’t eat that much themselves. Also, they can carry massive amounts on their little mopeds. (via Solo Wayfarer)
  • Been inspired by seeing Ari’s photo an hour for a day. I’d love to try this! (via WhatAriSaid)

….and lots more besides. You know I love reading your blogs. Recipe ideas, health plans, reviews, new products, current events, thoughts and dreams. You all inspire me!

Other than being inspired this week, and seeing Taylor Swift at the O2, I’ve been working out hard. Mostly running this week but I had a pretty hefty strength training session yesterday which has left me rather achy today. My long run was cut short today but the return of the dreaded stitch (anyone have any ideas what to do to prevent or continue running when one occurs?) Yesterday was a full day which culminated in having dinner with my Sister, her family and our parents. It was her birthday so we all met up for dinner at Frankie and Benny’s. It’s hard to eat healthily when you go out but I chose lamb shank which came with mash and gravy. It was still a little greasy but better than a burger and chips. I did treat myself to some tiramisu afterwards though. Then Gary and I headed to the new casino whilst everyone else went home because we weren’t ready to end our evening. I was doing pretty well for a while but ended up breaking even.

Today I’m just generally exhausted – running, cooking for the week ahead and also for the day we’re in, washing and finding the time to rest as well as catching as much of the winter Olympics as I can. I have one week and then a week off work to use up some of my holiday. I’m planning on doing some training, some stuff to the house (finally!) and maybe even reading a book! That would be nice 🙂

Before I leave you I want to share my favourite song of the moment. I heard it last year and still every time I hear it I just can’t get it out of my head. The video is great too, so please take a look. Have a great week guys!

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