Infuse My. Colour Wash – Tried and Tested!

A few weeks ago I was sent a bottle of the new Infuse My. Colour Wash in Copper to try. I’ve been colouring my hair for 18 years now, so I’m always willing to try new products, techniques and anything that will help the condition of my hair and make things easier.



The Infuse My. Colour Wash colours were created to be 100% vegan, contain no sulphates, parabens or silicone and were designed to boost your hair colour in between colouring.


Since my hair is red/brown with copper highlights I went with the copper colour, but they do a whole range of colours to boost all tones and shades.


My aim was to see whether I could bridge the gap between colouring sessions, and tone my mousey blonde roots to blend with the rest of my colour, as I intend on letting my hair grow out a bit before re-colouring again.

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know I wash my hair backwards so for the purposes of using this product properly I decided to wash my hair the conventional way, to give it a fair go.

The method for using this, is to use the product as normal shampoo, wash it out as soon as the hair is coated, without waiting any time, and then condition as normal.

Here’s before I started with the colour wash:



A nice picture of my dusty scalp…. But as you can see, I have quite a lot of warm tones in my hair, and then some lovely boring mousey roots poking through at the top.

So how did I get on? Well, I love the bottle. You get a hefty 270ml for just under £14. The cap is a push top, which means you don’t have to faff with unscrewing the cap and you can squeeze the product out. Because it doesn’t contain the nasties, it doesn’t lather as much as a standard drugstore shampoo, however you can spread it through your hair easily, and it smells amazing – like fresh, clean apples!

The product didn’t stain my hands or my bath tub, but I did feel I needed to scrub under my nails afterwards.


My hair felt lovely during washing, and after, and I was able to comb my wet hair through easily. The water ran clear very quickly and no staining was left on my towel once I removed it.

On inspection of my hair after blow-drying, I saw no difference. There was maybe a little bit of a copper sheen to the red/brown colour underneath my hair, but honestly, there was no change. My roots were still the same colour, but I knew that part of my hair would be stubborn. So I decided to try again the next time I washed my hair.

The next time I washed my hair, I decided to mix it up a bit. I went back to reverse washing, popped on an Aussie 3 minute hair mask to the lengths of my hair, and then the colour wash all over, on top. I left this for a couple of minutes and washed it all out.

After drying my hair, I could see more of a difference. The blonder highlights in my hair were definitely more copper toned, and I felt like my hair was more of an even colour. My roots, however, were again completely as they had been previously. I mean, this isn’t a hair dye, and I know my hair is stubborn when it comes to colouring – I can usually only get a decent colour result using permanent dye.

Here’s the ‘after’ pictures:



You can see that my roots remained the same colour as before, however I think you can tell from the picture above that the lengths of my hair were definitely more copper-toned.

The next time I washed my hair, I used my normal shampoo and conditioner and all of the copper colour I’d added washed out. So if I was going to maintain the copper colour I’d added, I would need to use this every time I washed my hair.

For the cost of this product, I wouldn’t be able to maintain this, but as the odd one-off for a particular occasion, it would be wouldn’t be bad.

I found the Infuse My. Colour Wash to be most effective on the areas of my hair that had been highlighted. But the change was very subtle and only happened once I’d left the product on for a number of minutes.

As a shampoo, it left my hair feeling lovely, and conditioned. I was happy that the ingredients would be good for my hair, and I would have no reservations using this regularly, from a hair care perspective.

I think if you had naturally strawberry blonde, or coloured ginger hair, or if you had highlights you wanted to turn peach/copper then give this a go. It’s a wash in/wash out solution and would help you make a change to your hair without the commitment. If you were looking for something that would be a little more long-lasting and possibly to help with root regrowth between colouring sessions, I’d probably not use this product.

But overall the pros outweigh the cons. I work my hair hard, and I like what I like. My choice for hair colour is unconventional so I can’t expect products to work just for my requirements.

If you have bleached blonde, or platinum hair, I’d love to see what results you could get from using the Infuse My. Colour Wash in the various different tones. If you’ve already used this product, I’d love to hear how you got on!

I also captured my trial of the Infuse My. Colour Wash on film, and have popped it onto my YouTube channel, which you can see here!


The Infuse My. Colour Range can be found at Boots and retails at £13.95. I was supplied this bottle for free by My.Haircare, in return for an honest review, which is what I’ve provided.



This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

The working week following a Bank Holiday is always difficult because you always burn the candles at both ends when you have the opportunity to have some extra time off. Plus my bank holiday followed a week of leave.

We were pretty knackered after all the house stuff, but the week went fine. Still, I’m finding I’m sleepier than normal. This is probably due to the clocks changing too!

Gary’s birthday was last Thursday so we went to The Akeman in Tring for dinner. It was a really nice relaxed meal but the place was heaving and a little under staffed. Still I had a nice smoked haddock dish and a gin and elderflower cocktail so I was happy. And Gary enjoyed himself too 🙂

The weekend just gone promised some good weather. Saturday we visited my sister and her kids – we’re teaching my niece to ride her bike so were happy for some fine weather. When we saw that Sunday was going to be 19c in London it was a no brainer, and we jumped on the train to enjoy the weather.

It was still overcast but warm enough for a tee and light jacket all day. We had lunch at Jamie’s Diner. It’s an okay american style food place, which never seems to be busy. Advertised as a pop-up diner, we were surprised to see it still there over a year after first discovering it.


I had a lovely veggie burger, followed by a very large and very naughty slice of lemon meringue pie.


I’m convinced our server brought an extra large piece thinking that Gary and I were sharing, as she brought two spoons, but I managed to eat most of it all by myself.. *proud face*.

We had a lovely look around the cosmetics section in Selfridges. I’d placed a Boots order for NYX makeup last week, and was so excited for it to arrive. When it came my HD Blush was shattered. There was no packaging and it had obviously been chucked around either in the warehouse or by the courier. I took it back to the store, but since Boots don’t stock NYX in store I had to go the Selfridges to pick up a replacement (and to fall in love with Lipstick Queen’s lippies!). To be honest, the shade of blush I’d chosen originally was all wrong for me. I could have got it to work, but I think it was fortuitous that it broke as I had a good reason to return it. I picked up an alternative colour (which I love!) and brought it home to add to my new NYX collection.


There’s a sneeky peek of what I’ve picked up. I’ve tried all of it now, so expect a review soon. And I predict at least one of these featuring in my April favourites. In the UK we don’t have access to the full NYX range, but I’d love to hear from any of my American readers about what your favourite NYX lines are and what to look out for!

So it was a lovely day in London, and really felt like Spring was appearing finally! This week started out lovely and sunny, but the rest of the week’s forecast is for rain and wind. Oh well….. it is April after all!

Drugstore Dark Circle & Colour Correctors

Hello! It’s just passed mid March, can you believe it? The weather is acting suspiciously autumnal still and yesterday I spent a very chilly day in London with my niece wearing hat, scarf and gloves. Hurry up Spring! I did, however, pick up some lovely things, which I’ll talk about another time (but one of the item starts in V and ends in ICE…. UD fans will know what I’m talking about!)

Anyway, if you remember, I promised to come back and let you know what I thought of this lovely lot?


So that’s what I’m going to do! Now confession time: I haven’t tried Boing compact, Benetint or High Beam yet. I’m actually a little scared of the Benetint, so I’ll give that a try when I have time to get it wrong! This little haul was all from Boots. Each of the Benefit minis was £5 on their own, but 4 for £15 so I figured why not try some bits out before spending four times the amount on a full size. And if you can do the maths, this means that the only item I have tried so far is the It’s Potent! cream, so let’s start there.


This teeny fairy jar is filled to the brim with a vanilla coloured eye cream. It promises to fade dark circles and smooth fine lines and doesn’t really smell of anything. I was put off by the name to start with – such an odd choice for a skin care product! I’ve been using it every night for the last 3 weeks, and I have to say it might be working. I feel like the large dark areas under my eyes are paling and skin (which felt smooth anyway) is soft and plump. I am about to run out of this, and I have to decide whether I want to shell out around £20 for a full size. If I do, I like that I have this little pot that I can decant into when I travel. I don’t like the idea of carrying a large heavy glass jar in my case, so this will do perfectly.

I also picked up You Won’t Believe Your Eyes by Soap and Glory.


This is what the brand says:

Soap & Glory™ You Won’t Believe Your Eyes™ fights under-eye bags, dark circles and pigmentation, and has illuminating pigments plus anti-wrinkle actives and moisturisers to help lift, brighten and blur away flaws. Engineered with Live Yeast Cell Derivative (LYCD) – one of the best-kept secrets of the world’s top models – it helps noticeably reduce inflammation and puffiness, so you go from bloat to gloat.

The packaging states you just roll it on (under the cap are a trio of metal rollerballs to massage the product in), and pat it into the skin. They then say to carry on with your makeup “should you need it”. It was that last bit that had me sold. I assumed this would be brightening enough to mean I wouldn’t need anything on my undereyes if I was having a no make up day. I was wrong. I mean it’s possible I used too much, but once I’d patted this in and let it dry I tried to apply my normal YSL Touch Eclat and the product peeled off, leaving a lovely flakey look under my eyes. On its own I could feel the product slightly tightening the skin under my eyes, but nothing uncomfortable. I don’t have saggy or puffy skin there so it didn’t benefit me in this way. I don’t think I’ll be using this again, and will probably pass it onto one of my girl friends to see if they will get any use from it.

The next thing I tried was from Collection (how long ago did they rebrand from Collection 2000??) was the




Colour correcting is huge at the moment, and having seen this mentioned in one of Zoella’s vlogs and noting that it was only £5.99 I guessed it would be a good place to start and see if I got any benefit from it. So, the left 4 pans are all concealers, with the idea that you blend shades to get your perfect match. The top right is a yellow pan, for correcting dark circles, below that is a lavender pan to correct sallow areas. To the left of the yellow is a peachy highlighter, and below is a green pan for correcting redness.

Overall I was impressed by the concept of this palette. It’s compact, has a lovely large mirror and fabulous price. Honestly though I only really got on with the highlighter. I tried all the correctors (most often the yellow as you can see) but found that the formulas were really waxy and it was hard to get the product out of the pans and then tricky to blend, so I ended up with a generally cakey look. I found I really had to warm my fingers to get it blended. But what should I expect from a £5.99 palette? I’m glad I picked this up though, because it lead me directly into buying this:


So the Max Factor Colour Corrector crayons are the exact same concept, but they obviously come separately. They are £8.99 each and are exact colour matches for the pans in the Collection palette. But the formula is much much better and nice and creamy. Really easy to draw onto the areas you need and then blend with your finger (I find this easier because your finger warms the product) I’m so sold on this one, that I’m considering getting the green one for the redness on my cheeks and around my nose. This stick works well underneath my makeup and though I wouldn’t say it’s solved all my dark circle issues, it doesn’t crease and is the best corrector I’ve used so far.

Now, slightly off topic, I just want to mention two more products I’ve tried recently.

I saw an ad for the new Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. I was interested in the idea that it was both a foundation and concealer that I went in for a colour match and sample. I was matched to 3.5 Cream Rose which has pinky undertones.


I was impressed by the match and when I got home tried the sample for coverage. I loved the coverage and overall feel of this foundation BUT right away it settled into the lines on my forehead – massive no no for me. Like, within minutes I was finding myself trying to blend my forehead with my fingers – it looked like I’d drawn lines across my head. So I don’t think I’ll be going ahead with a full purchase for this foundation. Reviews I’ve seen show this is a bit of a Marmite foundation, you’ll either love or hate it. I wish I loved it, but I just can’t. I was able to use this sample to help me match a different foundation, though, which I’ll review at a later time… so stay tuned!!

And lastly, I want to talk about URLash.


I finally got fed up with my teeny tiny straight eyelashes that won’t hold a curl or bend. I even realised I have gaps in the lashes on one eye meaning I can never get a nice even fan when wearing mascara. So I picked this up on Amazon and have used it every evening for the last 3 weeks. I honestly think it’s starting to add length to my lashes. They’re holding a curl easier and when I apply mascara the lashes seem to behave better. I’ll update on this in a few weeks, but so far so good – maybe it’s all in my mind… we’ll see!

Let me know if you’ve used any of these products or equivalents. I love to hear what you’ve been using!!