This Week I Have Been Mostly

this week i have been mostlyThis isn’t a real post – merely a checking in since not a huge amount has been happening here. This last couple of weeks I have been head down and getting over a cold, working hard and prepping for my upcoming holiday.

  • It appears it’s autumn already and the rain keeps coming. I’m currently wearing a thick jumper and fuzzy socks whilst the rain hits the windows.
  • Over the last week I’ve met up with my Book Club friends to finalise preparations for Ibiza.
  • Gary and I went to London for a day trip with Amy and her boyfriend Chris.
  • Today we attended a birthday party for Gary’s aunt and a retirement gathering for my Mum.
  • I was sad to hear of Wes Craven’s passing this morning. We’ve been watching Scream the TV series and I understand that the final episode, next to air, will have some kind of dedication to him.
  • We completed re-watching the whole series of Dexter and are now searching for our next tv show. Any suggestions?

My next blog will be post-ibiza. I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

It’s Friday, Friday,

Gotta get down on Friday.

What a fast week it’s been. In fact every week since I started my new job has been so fast that I’m starting to think that someone’s playing a trick on me.

It’s just one week until my 10k and I’ve been under the weather with an ear nose and throat infection for the past 2 weeks. I managed to bike to work for the first time in a fortnight, today and that was a struggle. But my legs feel better for a little work out. 3 more planned runs and then I’m on inforced rest days until the day itself.

This week I have been mostly debating my hair colour and whether to go back to brown from red. The red is so hard to maintain and it colours all my headbands when I train. I find myself having to redye it every 3 weeks because it fades so fast. Twitter spoke last night and I had not one vote for brown. So I might just alter the shade and go for a mahogany next time I dye it. Maybe…..

Not a huge amount has happened this week other than that. I’ve been mostly napping in front of the tv trying to feel better. I’ve got another driving session tomorrow and then a friend is coming round for a catch up on Sunday. It’s nice to have plans – and I’m still really enjoying having my weekends 🙂

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Getting on With It

It’s been totally cray cray in the Mason household this last week and a half. So busy that I haven’t been able to turn on my laptop let alone think about blogging.

One of my good friends had a birthday party which I attended with the rest of our ‘book club’ and had loads of fun in their garden and met her friends and family. It was a great evening, just chilled enough with lots of chats and music. Then three of the group went off to Ibiza for a week leaving two of us at home with the British weather and work.

But I don’t mind because I’m loving my job. I love learning about the company and customers and fixing things. I like being able to tell that what I do makes a difference and I hope I’m doing it well enough to achieve that. I also know I can learn so so much more and get really good at it. It’s exciting!

On Thursday was my birthday and only the second birthday in my life where I was at work (since my birthday is in August I was never at school for it either!). My colleagues really spoiled me and decorated my desk with banners and 30 confetti. I got some goodies too! They sang happy birthday to me (in English & Polish) and brought me a cupcake with a candle. I was truly spoiled!


That evening we went to my In-Laws and had a birthday tea with all the family. It was a perfect day. Then on Sunday we went to my parent’s and did it all again!

On the Friday Gary and I headed to Campbell Park after work and set up our camping chairs with a picnic, ready for Proms in the Park. It’s an open air classical concert where you’re encouraged to fly the British flags and sing along to the songs. Lots of Pomp! Though I forgot to bring our little flags I was wearing a hoody that had one on the back, by coincidence, so I waved that about a bit until I got cold and put it on instead. It was a great evening though, and they played some of my favourite pieces.


A photographer from MKFM also took our photo for their website. Cheese!


We’d had some amazing news that day too so it capped off a brilliant day (I’ll share when I can…. I’m not pregnant before you ask!)

After that amazing weekend I started to feel really manky. Like exhausted and fluey. So I spent the next few days lying/sitting very still and trying not to move my arms. I tried to run on Monday but managed 1.5miles before I recognised my muscles were in pain rather than just being worked or a little tired. I took it easy and didn’t run or bike for the rest of the week and was able to recover at work since I’m not on my feet all the time any more. By Thursday I was feeling more or less myself again and today I’m feeling great – only a little achy in the arms but that was from trying to see if I could do push ups (I can’t).

Today I took a massive step. I took a driving refresher lesson. I passed my test about 5 years ago and have driven about 3 times since. I’m petrified of driving and it peaks any anxieties I have. But I don’t want to be biking in the winter (or autumn, or really now for that matter….) so I need to just grow a pair. The lesson went okay. I was very nervous and came back drenched in sweat (ick) but I did it. The instructor didn’t seem worried and is happy with working on the areas I need to but it’s reassuring that he can brake the car if needs be. I’m happy!

Last night I met up with my Book Club again and caught up with them post-Ibiza. It looks like an amazing place. We’ve decided on a trip somewhere all together next year – I’ve never been anywhere with a nice beach so that’s the only prerequisite I have. Give me white sands and clean water and I’m golden. It was so nice to see them all again even though it had only been two weeks, I missed them!

So this weekend is a bank holiday. My first bank holiday out of retail which means I automatically get three days off! I need to get back into running (only a week and a half of training time left until my 10k!!) and I have a new toy to try out- a Garmin Forerunner 10 which I bought with birthday treats. I can’t wait to take it for a spin 🙂 I’m hoping it’ll help with my pacing – though I’ve found that Gary is a pretty good pacer!

Whatever your plans for the Bank Holiday are, I hope you have a good one!

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Hello! I’m still here! I know I haven’t written a proper post in a little while. I’ve been so busy and tired out with stuff that I haven’t found the time to blog. Sad 😦

Work’s a bit hectic at the moment – working odd shifts and then having to find the time to run let alone blog.

Running took a downturn since my knee injury. I have, however, bought a Mueller knee strap and since it arrived I’ve run with it twice and had NO knee pain. It’s a miracle piece of kit! Training for the 5k was taking a nose dive because I was having to take so many rest days I was starting from scratch each time I ran. But today I added an additional half mile onto my training and felt good. I’m so excited that I should be back on track within the week!

Gary came running with me twice last week, which was amazing since he hasn’t been able to do any exercise, due to health issues, for many years. He thinks he’ll be able to start running with me again soon.

Also, I have recently discovered Vine – yes I’m slow on the uptake. If you’re on there please find me and add me (I’m Groggits!)

(That’s my first vine video!)

Last night Gary and I went to the wedding reception of one of my ex work friends. We had an amazing night catching up with friends and having fun. It was so nice to see everyone together again!


We had great fun singing and dancing to some very cheesy tunes and generally acting a bit stupid – that’s what it’s all about! This morning my throat hurt and I could have done with an extra 4 hours sleep on top of what I got – but I had to work so I had to man-up and get on with it. (And I still managed to run this evening!)

So that’s just a quick catch up of what’s been going on. There’ll be more soon – promise! 😀
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