My Kind of Christmas – A Look Back

I’ve been writing this blog for 8.5 years and so as you can imagine, I’ve covered Christmas quite a lot, and a fair few times. Back in 2013 (and before I knew that Blogmas existed) I wrote a Christmas related post for every day of advent.

It was fairly hard to do since I had to think of 24 different subjects to write on, all on the theme of Christmas. And this was before I was interested in beauty, before gift guides were commonplace on a blog, and long before advent calendars offered anything more than a chocolate behind the door.

I called it Shutterbug’s Advent Calendar – my friend even made a pretty graphic for me!


Isn’t it lovely?

Instead of re-hashing what I’ve already written, I thought I might share some of my older posts with you, interspersed with some of the photographs I’ve taken over the years, celebrating the festive season!

So, here we go!:

What’s A Traditional Christmas? (click to read)

In this post from 2012 I talk about what Christmas entailed traditionally for me growing up.

baubles on christmas tree

The Christmas Queen’s Guide To Gift Buying (click to read)

In this post from 2010, I offer my hints and tips for finding the perfect Christmas gift – and 7 years on it’s still relevant! If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, then head over for some festive inspiration.

gift wrap and snowball cocktail

Christmas In A Day (click to read)

As part of my 2013 advent calendar posts, I discussed that year’s Sainsburys advert, which pulled clips from a short film called Christmas In A Day. I say short, it’s just under 50 minutes long, but it’s worth every single minute. The video is still up on YouTube so I’d urge you to click on the video link in the post, grab a cup of something warm and settle in for a film that will give you all the feels. I’ll be honest, I totally forgot about this film, so I’m really pleased I unearthed it in this post. I’ll be giving it another watch this year, for sure.

tiny gift bow held by finger

Favourite Christmas Movies (click to read)

It wouldn’t be a Shutterbug Christmas without me sharing my all time favourite Christmas movies. You’ll find them in this 2013 post, and they’re still the ones I’d pick!

close up gold gift bows

Christmas Eve Eve (click to read)

Here’s a post about what could possibly be my favourite day of the Christmas run-up, Christmas Eve Eve!


Fun Times at Winter Wonderland (click to read)

Last year we made our annual trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, and I blogged about it (in fact I also vlogged it, and that video is at the end of the post!) So if you’re interested to see what I got up to, then take a look at this post.



Looking Back, Looking Ahead (click to read)

This post was actually published at the very end of last year, but it mentions Christmas and New Year traditions we have in our home, and was highly requested by followers on twitter. Each year we write a letter to ourselves and look back and forward on the year past and year ahead. If you’d like to read about this new tradition, then click the link above!


I hope you enjoy a little look back on my thoughts on Christmas from over the last 8 years. Christmas really is my favourite time of year.

I’m lucky to have a medium to enable me to look back and see what was happening in Christmases past. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

putting the star on a felt advent calendar

December 23rd


Today is Christmas Eve Eve.  It’s always been my favourite day of Christmas, maybe because it’s the ‘underdog’ Christmas day. It’s almost Christmas Eve but not quite so the excitement is building. There’s no tradition associated with it other than an impending sense of something amazing is about to happen.

It also happens to be my Niece’s birthday and I never get to see her because I’m always working on her birthday – usually until some ridiculous hour like 10pm. This year I get to see her and I’m super excited.

I’m going to write about Christmas Eve tomorrow – it seems appropriate – but today I want to comment on Christmas Day.

As I said Christmas Eve has its own traditions, Christmas Eve Eve is about anticipation and that last push before the holiday. Christmas Day I find is always somewhat of an anti-climax and as a result is my least favourite of all the Christmas days. What? I hear you cry. I realise this is a weird thing to say especially coming from a Christmas fanatic like myself. But hear me out. The build up to the day is so full of wonderful excitement and anticipation. The magic of Santa coming, buying the perfect gift and the secrecy that comes with it, seeing friends, parties, the food, the decorations. But once the day is there you know there’s none of that wait any more and the next day all the decorations have a slightly tarnished look about them. I like to take them down as soon as I can after the 25th and I’m eager for the new year to start.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE Christmas Day. Spending time with family and giving them the gifts I’ve spent so much time thinking through. I hope you see what I mean? But there is one thing I adore about Christmas; the calm that seems to spread over everything. There are fewer people on the streets and the roads, and every one has a serenity about them. You know that everyone is in their homes preparing food, laughing, singing and doing exactly the same as the family in the next house. The world seems quiet. Businesses are closed so there’s nowhere to go (except for pubs but the same things are going on inside them too!) and you have no option but to enjoy the company of those you’re with.

I’ll never forget a couple of years ago when Gary and I were making the short drive from our house to my parents. As we passed the only other car on the street I looked inside to see the driver who looked exactly like Santa. I must have exclaimed out loud and possibly pointed at the guy because he looked delighted and started laughing as he drove past. He must have know who he’d reminded me of.

I hope you know what I mean when I describe this Christmas calm I feel. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, and not everyone celebrates with other people at this time. It’s not always happy and it’s not always successful, but surely everyone can sense the Christmas spirit on the day? And if you never have, maybe this year you will 🙂

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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