This Week I Have Been Mostly….

this week i have been mostly

It’s been a while since I posted a life update, mainly because I have had so much stuff in ‘pending’ that I haven’t really been able to talk about.

But in the last few weeks we have started packing up our house. We’re moving!

A while back I posted some tweets on twitter, as we were trying to decide between two houses (large house, not great area OR smaller house, nice area) We decided to go for the latter, and ever since we’ve been waiting on the chain. It’s been a struggle and frustrating, but things have started to move along, and after a long wait we’re looking at an early September move.


And once that’s all done, I can finally start looking forward to the other amazing thing happening this year, which is our return to Orlando! In October we’ll be flying out to stay with friends for a week of Florida sunshine and a teeny bit of Disney magic (more of that in a later post).


Over the last few weeks, apart from packing, we’ve been hunkering down and trying not to spend any money or do anything too extravagant. We started to watch Breaking Bad on Netflix and we’re almost at the end. The final season has been the most interesting so far, but I’ve almost given up on it a couple of times. It’s just not been as amazing as people have made out.

I also celebrated my 34th birthday, and spent the day chilling out and pottering on odd jobs. It’s nice to spend it low-key some times. Maybe I’ll do something exciting next year for my 35th. But I like the quiet and calm, especially ahead of a big house move!

On the social media side of things, I was excited to see I’d hit 1k followers on Twitter, and also gained a few YouTube subscribers since my last video went live. I’m hoping to begin posting those regularly again once I’ve got my office set up in the new house. I also alluded to a YouTube project I wanted to give a go, on twitter, AGES ago – I still intend on doing that. So if you showed interest I’ll be in contact with you once I feel ready to begin.

So that’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks; not much to tell! But I’ll be sharing things as they happen (and whilst I have internet!) and you’ll be able to take this exciting journey with me!

This Week I Have Been Mostly

This week I have been mostly:

  • Recovering from the Half Marathon! I’ve been totally drained and worn down by hay fever fatigue this week. It’s the worst I’ve ever had and hasn’t been helped by a bad reaction to a new hay fever medication, which I won’t be continuing to take! Hay fever sucks!


  • Being baffled by Amazon’s new #amazonbasket. So you’re on twitter and you see a product you like? You tweet it with that hashtag and it’s added to your basket. Except there is no need for this and the only tweets mentioning it are from Amazon themselves advertising the hashtag. It’s as if they’ve created the need and now are crazily trying to fill it.

  • Noticing more and more how similar Disney’s Frozen and Pink Floyd’s The Wall are. Think about it. A child is effected by an affliction at a young age (disillusionment with war, growing up/powers) and shuts themself away behind a metaphorical/real wall/room. Finally makes it big/escapes and feels like they own their affliction, until they realise this hurts the people around them. At which stage they need to face their fears and their tormentors and overcome the wall/curse. Of course there’s a lot less reindeer in The Wall.
  • Making my new home more cosy. We finally did things like putting up curtains in the living room and buying frames for the walls. We’re awaiting the prints through the post to put in them, so at the moment they’re just empty frames but even now they make our rooms look so much better. I’m excited to carry on making the house our own.
  • Trying out OPI’s new Glitter Off base coat. It promises to allow an easy peel-off removal of glitter polish and dark colours, that are notoriously hard to remove. At first look and sniff it looks like PVA glue….. and it dries like it too….. and the ingredients are basically PVA glue. I used some with my Nails Inc cupcake sprinkles polish. It was okay except since it’s designed to peel off it chipped at the tips very quickly. It didn’t really peel off easily either and my nail beds are only slightly less damaged than they are when I naughtily pick off my polish…… I’ll still use it with heavily glittered polish in the hope that my nail condition will be a little better after peeling.


  • Looking forward to seeing some old friends. I have a couple of visits from friends this week and I haven’t seen either of them in ages. It will be great to show them the new house and catch up!
  • Trying the samples I’ve had from Everything But The Cow and The Collective Dairy in preparation for my blog reviews. I’m a lucky girl to get to try these delicious things so I can let you all know about them! Stay tuned for my reviews.

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A New Home

Along with the lovely Spring-like weather has come an abundance of light, something which was severely lacking in my last house. I promised I would add some photos of the house a while back, so as I have some natural light coming through I thought now would be a good time. There’s still a huge amount to do to the house before I want to take full room shots, but I’ve taken some pictures of some of the pretty elements as they are.


The previous owners left some things in the house when they moved and we’ve kept some of them. Apart from things like mirrors and a lovely large deep freeze they also left a couple of really pretty Tiffany-esque lamp shades. They are so pretty we kept them!


Yes, I know there’s a hair on the one above. I don’t know how it got there…. It’s above the stairs and very high up so the dust can stay 🙂


We’ve got a couple of these radiator covers around the house. This one is fixed in which is a little annoying because the heat struggles a little to get out but it’s really pretty so we don’t mind so much.

Then we get to the bathroom. We have the pleasure of being the brand new owners of a 1970’s avocado bathroom suite. We do have big plans for the bathroom, especially as the toilet is currently in a separate room and we want to knock it through, but until the point in which we can make these plans a reality, we have to make do with what we have. I decided a long long time ago, before we had even seen this house, that I wanted a nautical themed bathroom. So when I saw a little avocado striped beach hut in a gift shop it gave me inspiration for our bathroom. The side panel on the bath was already panelled with vertical strips running down it, so it was a no brainer. I bought a tester of some paint and gave it a crack.


It’s not an amazingly neat job but it works for now. Makes my bathroom feel a little more like mine until I can do something else – like rip the whole lot out!

It’s going to be a big job to get all the rooms how we want but it’s going to be fun doing it and when we’re done we’ll have an amazing home!

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Slowly but Surely

Guys and gals, I have the internet back! Unfortunately my laptop didn’t survive the move so we’ve had to crack open the piggy bank and get me a new one. It’s going to be beans on toast for a while.

So we’re in the new house and the move went well. I have never ever been as stressed as I felt on moving day but everything went well and the house is delightful! It’s a project and there are a lot of things that need changing over the coming months, but it’s great to be able to put our stamp on a house finally. I have my own dressing room and Gary will have his own music room soon once every-thing’s unpacked.

A snippet of the house!

Most importantly it’s quiet and relaxing and warm. And it’s ours.

It was time to get back to the normal routine yesterday and it was back to work for me. It was also our first run in three weeks, after having to put training on hold whilst we moved. I was a little nervous about it to be honest. The weather is dreary but still warm, so I haven’t been able to try out my new cold weather gear yet, but I had my fleece ear warmer headband on to protect my delicate ears! We managed to run just over 2 miles before giving in, and included some walking breaks. It was my first time running in the dark too and I actually quite enjoyed it. Coming to the end of the route, Gary had sprinted ahead leaving me trailing behind and I was struggling. A guy was heading towards me also running and as I passed him he said “well done”. He didn’t say it in a patronising way, but in a genuinely was saying well done. It really helped to spur me on towards the end of my route. I wish I could have said thank you to him, because it was an amazing boost – I might start doing it myself!

So my weekends and evenings will now be full of training for a 10k in 5 weeks and sorting the house out. And I don’t mind one bit. I actually look forward to coming home to this house. And that’s what it’s all about 🙂
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Moving On Out

So it’s finally happened. Thursday evening we got the keys to our new house and then on Friday, with the help of my wonderful Parents we visited DIY shops and bought what we needed to prepare the house for a move the next day.

Our first impressions of the house were a little overwhelming. This is our first house that isn’t a new build rental – ie. magnolia walls and plain carpets. There was an awful lot of stuff left by the previous owners that their stamp was still on the rooms. Not only that but their smell also lingered. Smoke and dogs. Not a pretty mix.

So on Friday we started off by taking up the horrible green carpet in the smelliest room and buying some carpet tiles for it. Job done. Then we prepared the living room for painting and got to work. It still needs another coat but it started to take shape very quickly. Today we moved most of our stuff and the bulkiest bits over in a van with the help of Gary’s Parents and Brother. Then we visited ikea (I can’t get over how busy it was!) and lugged the stuff back.

We’re kind of knackered but we have escaped to my parents with ready meals as we don’t have any cutlery or cups or a place to sit as yet…… Tomorrow is a new day and another day of painting and flat pack building. All I can say is thank God for parents and family! Without them we would have been clueless and way overwhelmed.

I have the whole of next week off so we’re determined to have some days off from the house so we can have a bit of a holiday but there is a huge amount to do. The fun’s just begun!

It’s All Happening!

And so we have begun the massive job which is packing our lives into boxes. Thankfully this has included a lot of throwing things away.

The weekend wasn’t all packing. We started off by being forced out of our house on Friday evening by the noisy neighbours. I just couldn’t stand the idea of sitting in a house which sounds like it could fall down at any point due to the elephants living next door, so we headed out for a cheap and cheerful dinner at a diner about half an hour away. Once we had got back the noise had stopped thankfully.

Saturday we had a nice lie-in and then headed to Ikea and some various DIY stores. We chose the paint colours for the living room and bedroom and bought some cushions we found on sale which will go great with our new sofa. Whilst browsing in Homebase we bumped into someone I worked with in one of my past jobs. She’s a wonderful lady, now retired and doesn’t use Facebook or her mobile very often so isn’t usually involved in our extra curriculars. It was amazing to see her. She helped me through so really hard times in a job I disliked and struggled with and also with problems I had in my personal life. It was so good to see her, swap digits and she left with a promise that I’d have her over for tea once we’re settled in to the new house. I was so excited to tell her about my new job and house. I’m so pleased we bumped into each other! Later that day we spent some time in the new MK casino. It’s easy to spend 4 hours in there and spend hardly any money so that’s what we did. I really enjoy it. Playing roulette is kind of like doing a puzzle!

That evening we ate dinner and chilled out watching tv. At about 10pm I was antsy and feeling stressed – too much going on at the moment and my head was near to bursting. Gary suggested we go for a drive and listen to some music. I was reluctant but agreed so we got out of our PJs and hopped in the car. 3 hours later we returned. We’d been driving everywhere. We popped to Willen Lake to look at the stars, and saw two shooting stars, spotted constellations and become amazed at the clarity of the stars when you move out of the light polluted city. We both want to go somewhere truly dark in the summer next year – I’d love Gary to see the Milky Way with the naked eye like I did many years ago. It’s very humbling.

Sunday we had to knuckle down. Moving day is looming all of a sudden and we needed to get started. We managed to fill the car with stuff for the tip and packed the hardest rooms. Tonight after work we did some more and tomorrow we need to tackle the kitchen and some of our clothes. Thankfully we don’t actually have a lot of stuff – apart from books and DVDs which will be a nightmare because they’re so heavy!


It’s all taking shape though, and we’re still finding time to chill out. We’ve got the luxury of having a few days to move and also not moving too far away so we can move stuff in our car later on once the big moving van requiring stuff has gone. It’s all very exciting, and I can’t wait to share photos of the new place with you guys.

Wish us luck!

This May Not Have Been What You Expected

It’s been lovely to see a couple of the people who I nominated for the Sunshine Award post their answers on their blogs! If I nominated you but you don’t want to go through the rigmarole of a blog post please feel free to answer the questions in a comment on that blog post if you still want to answer them 🙂

Of course, as I mentioned some fairly dodgy search terms that brought people to my blog, in my last post, now people are searching those terms and coming straight to my blog…… So, Hi, and I’m sorry this wasn’t what you were after….. I hope you find what you were looking for regarding post menopausal bleeding or Beyoncé’s camel toe. Good luck with that! I really didn’t think that through did I?

And there’s good news, guys! We exchanged contracts on our house purchase and will be moving in at the end of next week! We’re beside ourselves with happiness. Now I have to form an opinion on paint colours and soft furnishings…… We will most likely be without internet for some time in the in-between stage so if I go dark it’s only because of lack of tech…. oh and there’s a good chance my laptop won’t survive the move because it’s on its last legs so who knows. I have my phone still!

Well, I guess I should start packing!
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