Food Challenge Recipe 13: Flapjacks!

The week I made these flapjacks it was my other half’s birthday and I had a week off. And he happened to request I made them – he loves flapjacks and I’d never made them before, but they looked pretty easy so I said yes!

For my American readers (you probably already know this, but….) flapjacks in the UK are not pancakes, but a baked sweet rolled oat-based square.

Happily, these flapjacks ended up being Vegan!


I started with 175g of Vitalite (vegan sunflower spread) which I melted slowly on a low/medium heat.


Then I added 175g of soft brown sugar, and 175ml of golden syrup.



You’ve got to heat and stir this until all the sugar grains are dissolved.


Then you take this off the heat and stir in 350g of porridge oats.


I stirred half the oats in to coat and then the other half, just to ensure everything was coated properly.

I then pressed the mixture into a 20×20 cm pan which has been lined and greased, and pop into an oven at 150c for 25-30 mins.


The top will be turning golden brown. I left the bake inside the tray until it was completely cool. At which point lifted the whole thing out using the sides of the paper, and I cut it into squares. I made about 16 squares.


These flapjacks passed my husband’s taste test, and he even took some into work for his vegan workmates to enjoy! Being dairy-free I know what’s like to have to pass on all the goodies people bring into work, so it’s always nice to be able to say yes to a sweet treat now and then!

I give this recipe 10/10!


Overnight Oats

I’m a little late to the party when it comes to overnight oats. I am aware that I seem to jump on the food bandwagon quite some time after everyone else. I hear kale is all the rage so I’ll probably start meddling with that in the autumn….

I decided it would be cool to try overnight oats after spotting a bag of Quaker rolled oats for 99p in my local Asda. For that price if I hated the result it wasn’t a huge loss. I’d seen a load of recipes on Pinterest and knew I had the ingredients to give it a go.

The first one I tried was oats, coconut milk, maple syrup and I topped it with blueberries the next day. It was immense. I made everything in about 3 mins the day before and the next morning I had a loose, cold, porridge like substance that was delicious and fresh and just what I needed.

photo 1

Since that day I have tried loads of different alternative mixes, using a basic 2/3 cup of oats, 2/3 cup of milk/coconut milk and 1 tbsp of something flavourful. So that might be maple syrup, nutella (delicious!) or pumpkin. I have also chucked in some chia seeds when I’ve fancied it for a little texture and additional protein. I tried my oats with greek yogurt and honey once, but I’m not sure I got the quantities right and it was a little thick. I’ve used different toppings too; blueberries, bananas and strawberries (these on the nutella oats were amazing!) I want to try some pecans on top soon.

photo 1

I also tried my basic mix with some lovely Drink Me Chai spiced chai latte powder and vanilla chai powder. I varied the amounts to get the right level of flavour for me, but they were a mellow and really tasty addition.

photo 3

The one I’ve made the most has been pumpkin spice, since I had a whole can of pumpkin to use once I’d opened it. This mixture consisted of the normal amounts of oats, coconut milk, maple syrup, a tbsp of pumpkin puree (or however much you want and how thick you want it to end up), half tbsp of chia seeds and 1/8 tsp of pumpkin spice (dependent on how strong you like it.)

photo 2

It tastes amazing. The oats take on the spice flavour and the pumpkin adds flavour and thickness. I can imagine adding pumpkin to hot porridge would be amazing too. I love porridge but as the weather turns for the better I prefer a cold breakfast. I’ve started making these oats just before bed and mixing it in a Sistema Breakfast To Go box, then just grabbing it out of the fridge in the morning to take to work and eat there.


I take out the part that sits on top because the level of the oats is too high to keep it in, but if I put less in I would be able to add the topping I want the night before and it would be kept separate and then just toss it on top before I eat it. It also has an in-built spoon! Perfect.

I’ve been a bit of an overnight oats bore to my friends and twitter followers of late so it was only a matter of time before I wrote a post about it. I really recommend it as a quick, easy, healthy and so versatile breakfast. It fills me up and I could never get bored with it since there are so many possible variations. I really want to try it with jam next!

Have you tried overnight oats? What are your favourite variations?

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