Jurassic Park In Concert

A couple of weeks ago Gary and I went to The Royal Albert Hall to see Jurassic Park In Concert.

As huge fans of the film it was great to go to this venue and see John Williams’ score performed by a live orchestra.

We’d been to a few similar events previously (Back to the Future, Pixar, Brief Encounter) so knew what to expect, but I’d forgotten we’d got box tickets which was a nice surprise.


At events like this it’s easy to forget the orchestra are playing alongside the film, and I really think that’s a compliment to the orchestra, since you totally forget that something unusual is happening and that the music is coming from people actually playing in front of you.

The music to Jurassic Park is so classic and impactful that it was really nice to sit and watch them play. Lovely to focus on parts of the music I like in particular and see the different sections making the sounds I’m so familiar with!


I love seeing musical performances at RAH and always love having a good look at the discs on the ceiling, which I like to call smarties. They’re to aid the acoustics but I think they just look so pretty! I actually performed at the Royal Albert Hall in a choir singing Carmina Burana, as a child, so it has a special place in my heart!

It was a really lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and I managed to get some wear out of my Jurassic Park t-shirt from Universal Studios 😀

Allergy Food Show & Going Back In Time (Again!)

This past weekend Gary and I headed into London for a packed day.

Firstly we headed to the Kensington Olympia for the UK Allergy Show, a food show dedicated to free-from foods and food allergies. The place was packed and rammed with stalls. We had a really good look around and I was pleased to see some brands I already knew about: Everything But The Cow, Bounce, CoYo and Dream. I had a few free samples, but we got hungry pretty quickly and went in search of food. Despite seeing a few people with tubs of fresh food and carrying pizza boxes walking around, we struggled to find anywhere to actually eat a decent lunch. We ended up going to the specially set up Free From Cafe where we spent over the odds for not much food – at least I could guarantee mine was dairy free!

We left the Olympia and headed to White City for a mooch around the shops, before we made a visit to Five Guys for an early dinner and an awesome burger. Their burgers never fail to impress (I’m over the moon that their about to open one in Milton Keynes!).

We then took the tube and a leisurely walk to the Royal Albert Hall where we had tickets to see Back to The Future Live. If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that last year we went to a few BTTF events including the amazing Secret Cinema. This year being the 30th anniversary we had some more fun events to attend! Back to The Future was being shown with the score played by a live orchestra. We saw Pixar Live and Brief Encounter in this way last year, and couldn’t wait to see Back to The Future.

IMG_3257We sat opposite the Hall in the sun for a bit and then headed over to the front of the building where people were crowded around a Delorean. You could have your photo taken inside it for a fiver, but we decided to just stick with snaps from around it!


And then we went inside. We’ve found some seats that we like to book every time we go to the Albert Hall, lots of room in front of our seats and a great view of the stage.


The orchestra started by playing the main theme before the movie started. The first half of the movie was screened, with a few additional score pieces played over scenes that didn’t originally have score (these were written by Alan Silvestri, who scored the movie), and then there was intermission. Everyone was really enjoying the movie and you could tell the hall was filled with hardcore fans, with laughter and clapping in all the relevant places.

The second half was started with the orchestra playing the main theme from BTTF3 (set in the wild west), to everyone’s delight. And then the rest of the movie began.

It was a really enjoyable evening, though I was dog tired by the end and attractively fell asleep on the train on the way home with my mouth hanging open…. Gary has photographic evidence. I’m sure he’d show you if you asked….

Back to The Future is one of those films you can watch again and again, which is handy because I’ve probably seen it more than any other film now! And we get to experience it again, in part, mid July when we visit London Comic Con and attend a BTTF talk with Michael J Fox and other cast from the first movie. I can’t wait!