My New Year Beauty Splurge


I admit it, I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to treat myself, and buy some of the things I’d been lusting over towards the end of the year.

And finally all the items have arrived so I can tell you (brag) about them!

I haven’t tried all of these items yet, since, as I just mentioned, they’ve only just arrived, but I’m going to share them with you anyhow, and if I love them you just know they’ll feature in a future post!

So let’s start with a couple of bits I picked up for my hair. I have been growing my hair out mainly as a kind of experiment just to see how long I could get it to grow. I have a trim every 3 (read 6) months and tell my hairdresser to cut off as little as possible. This is all well and good, but my hair is very fine and not thick so I have to do a lot to it to make it look like it has volume and isn’t limp.


I found out about Grow Gorgeous through twitter and decided I would take the plunge and try their Hair Growth Serum and End Split Ends serum. I haven’t started using them yet, but the hair growth serum is a 2 month supply if you use it daily (which I probably won’t) so I’ll keep you updated. It’s supposed to add thickness and healthiness to fine and thin hair and promote a longer mane. The split end serum, I’m sure you can guess, is to help with my wispy ends towards the time in which I really should be getting a trim. I’ve just had my hair cut, so I’ll be starting to use these very soon!

The next thing I picked up is a product I’m sure you all know about.


The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette was probably the most sought after palette towards the end of 2016. Every beauty blogger and YouTuber was talking about it, and it was always either sold out or just darn hard to find in the UK. I saw it was in stock at Cult Beauty so went for it.


There were a few reasons people were going nutty over this palette. Firstly, the quality of the shadows. They’re so pigmented that you only need a slight dab with the brush to get an adequate amount of product to apply. Secondly, this palette is mostly mattes with 3 shimmers. And the colours all go together. You can get masses of looks with this palette and there are so many combinations for different looks. Third, it comes with a nice brush and mirror and it’s light. It doesn’t feel like it’ll break in your suitcase. The brush isn’t the best but it’s enough to do the job, so you would do fine if you only had this to work with. I’ll level with you, at £41 this isn’t cheap, but it’s a gorgeous palette and I can see me getting use out this all year around. The shadows blend really nicely and because you barely need to use any it’ll last a long time before you hit pan.

Next, I was totally susceptible to Stila’s tweets advertising their sale and decided to pick up a few of their lip products. I got a nude liquid lipstick set featuring three of their Stay All Day lipsticks. They’re lovely shades, and so lightweight. They dry down very quickly but don’t drag or patch when you’re putting them on. Once they’ve settled they are transfer proof. I’ve only tried the colours so I can’t vouch for how long wearing they are, but I’ll let you know.


I also picked up one of their glitter glosses. I’d been after a glitter gloss over the Christmas period, but didn’t see one I liked or was worth the cost. This Stila Metallics gloss in Citrine was £4.50 so I guessed even if it wasn’t for me it wouldn’t be a waste of money.


But I LOVE it. Just look at the sparkles! It offers a lovely subtle glittery finish to bare lips and a metallic sheen as a lipstick topper. It smells lovely (as do the Stay All Day, liquid lipsticks) and when it wears off it leaves your lips all glittery (which I love). It is a sticky gloss, so if you don’t like that then you might not like this. I wore it on a windy evening and my hair stuck right to my face!

Next up, I’d been wanting to try an Urban Decay foundation for a while, and when a friend raved about the Naked Skin foundation for her oily skin I thought I’d give it a try. I was colour matched in store to be shade 1.0 and I was really pleased with the finish and the colour match. I’ve used it a few times now, and here’s what I think.


This is a medium to buildable foundation. I expected to hate the smell and though it is a little painty to start with it goes away. It offers a matte finish, and I prefer a dewy finish so sometimes I use a hydrating primer underneath and that seems to help. It’s very easy to apply, goes on streak-free and with a brush offers a very natural finish. It doesn’t stay tacky, which I appreciate, but isn’t transfer proof. However each time I’ve used this (and with different primers underneath), around 3-4pm I noticed that my chin, nose and forehead oils had broken the makeup down and there was pretty much nothing left. I always set my t-zone with a powder too, so I don’t know if this was hindering rather than helping performance. It’s a shame. I need to work around this, and find out what’s going on with my skin and also which primer will work best with this. I really like this foundation so I’m willing to make it work! I’m going to try it with a setting spray and see if that changes anything.

Lastly, and mainly to get the free shipping when I ordered my palette, I picked up a Morphe brush to apply my new foundation with.


It looked like it would be good for foundation and the reviews agreed, so I went for it. This is the Morphe Deluxe Buffer brush (M439) and it’s my first Morphe brush so I have high hopes for it. I’m looking forward to giving it a go!

And that was my splurge! Let me know if you’ve used any of these products because I’d love to know what you think. And if you have any Modern Renaissance palette looks you like, then let me know. I’d love to see how you’ve been using yours.

Fun Times at Winter Wonderland!

Last weekend we headed to Hyde Park in London for the annual Christmas fair, Winter Wonderland.


The intention had been to go the previous day but despite it being mild weather it rained hard all day. I’m so glad we waited because the weather was lovely the following day and even though it was colder, the sun shone brightly!

When we arrived at Hyde Park the line to get into Winter Wonderland was huge, but we walked a little further down the path to a different gate, and walked right in (pro tip!)

We headed to the Bavarian Village section first, because that’s where the best food is, and I was hungry! Every year I get the same thing. German sausage, potato dumpling with gravy and hot spiced red cabbage. It took a little while to find it this time around as they’d extended the Bavarian Village section massively, but I followed my nose and found the correct stall.


The food was yummy as always, and after eating we had a little further look around the area. I was pleased to see the inside tent still there, with live singers on stage performing Christmas hits.

I got some mulled wine too 🙂


The village wasn’t too busy at this point but it was getting more and more packed by the minute! For some reason they felt it important to correctly sign post EVERYTHING!


The fairground rides this year were awesome. There was a fantastic looking rollercoaster, big wheel and haunted house.

Gary grabbed some sweetcorn to munch on which looked amazing.


We had a little look around some of the craft stalls and then headed out of Hyde Park.

We wanted to see the Christmas lights on Oxford Street and I had to nip into some of the shops. If I hadn’t already been in London I wouldn’t have dreamt of going to Oxford Street at Christmas time. It was PACKED. But I’m really glad we did. We headed to Liberty and just as we walked in a choir started singing ‘Carol of the Bells’ which is one of my favourite carols. I’m so pleased we went in when we did!


Heading home, shattered, but happy, the sunset was awesome and it was a lovely end to a perfectly festive day!

I also vlogged this trip so make sure you check out the video, even if it’s just to see the sunset at the end!

A Cornish Holiday

If you’ve read my last proper post, you’ll have seen that I’ve recently returned from a lovely holiday in St Ives, Cornwall. We went down that way for our friends Sarah and Nick’s wedding, but we had the place we rented for a week so took advantage of being down that way.


Above was the view of Carbis Bay from our property. We’d been to Cornwall a few times, usually choosing to stay in or near Fowey, however we can now say our hearts firmly prefer St Ives.

The Monday after the wedding began with breakfast in a little cafe, whilst it drizzled outside, but within about half an hour of us finishing, the sun had come out and it was warm enough to walk around without a jacket over my vest top.

The streets of St Ives are so pretty. They wind, rise and fall and the shops are adorable.







We ate some great food and drank some yummy cider (loving Rattler now!) I had a gorgeous rum and gin cocktail at the Rum and Crab shack along with some crab nachos.



I was constantly amazed by how clear the water in the harbour and on the beaches was (and how vicious the seagulls were!)



Other than the wedding on the Sunday, there were two other highlights of our stay in St Ives. The first was a ghost walk we took with Caz and Chris one evening. The guy who was guiding it was outstanding, and we were taken to some awesome locations. The grave yard and the beach were two stand-out places. So atmospheric and unforgettable. The second highlight was Amy’s birthday which fell on Thursday. We met up in the evening for sit-down fish and chips followed by cupcakes on the beach.


It was an awesome break, and I can’t wait to get together with this lovely lot again! We’ll definitely be going back to St Ives soon! Whilst we were there we went into so many art galleries, and came away with three pieces for our house. I might have also come away with these beautiful works of art….


Sigh, I’m in Love!

So, thanks St Ives. We’ll be back soon!

Baby Shower Fun Times

On Sunday afternoon the book club girls descended on the Lady Grey Tea Room in Wendover for a very special occasion. Caz is expecting her first baby on November 1st – the first book club baby! and we wanted to spoil her rotten so she was collected at pre arranged time and whisked off to the tea room, not knowing at all where she was going or what she’d be doing.

The tiny tea room serves home-made cakes, salads, sandwiches and a huge selection of teas. The largest table had been reserved for us and we arrived early to set up and Sarah decorated the table.

tearoomA beautiful location, the tea room was decked out in pure English style with a chandelier, bunting, chalk boards and cake plates. Our table was already decked out with beautiful china which it turned out was over 100 years old and belonged to the owner’s Grandmother.


Caz arrived with beautiful neat bump and we all started to chat and catch up. We could talk for England. Non alcoholic elderflower cocktail was brought over in champagne glasses and we were able to toast the Mum to be with some fizz.


Then the first platter of food arrived.


Home made sausage rolls and other pastry puffs with some yellow pepper and cream cheese as a palette cleanser. We munched on these and chose which tea we wanted to drink. All the time we were there the owners were checking on us, topping up the tea pots and bringing more fizzy cordials to drink.

Next was sandwiches:


These were amazing finger sandwiches that tasted wonderful. Crusts cut off there was egg mayonnaise, roast beef and horseradish, salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and cheese and ham with mustard.

Next we had little shot glasses of jelly layered with pannacotta:


Yes, it’s a cheesy photo but the only one of these yummy deserts!

Then lastly there was a cake plate chock full of homemade scones (which were still warm!), pots of clotted cream and jam, cakes, profiteroles and macaron. All amazing!


By the end we were stuffed! The tearoom was closing but the owners allowed us to stay at our table so we could give out all the pressies, while they cleaned up! Up until now most of the gifts had been under the table so Caz was a little surprised when all this emerged:


We all wanted to spoil her so much – can you tell? We were able to spend a really relaxed time watching Caz open up the goodies and we all tried hard not to get too emotional! And then we left the tea room, after some wise words of advice from the owner who is a retired midwife.

Outside the tearoom was a little seating area which has been decked out around a tree, with bunting and dishes and it was beautiful, so we got some photos out there too.

cazMum to be with her neat little bump!


And the obligatory group shot taken by one of the lovely Lady Grey Tearoom ladies. It was an awesome day and we spent about 4 hours in the tiniest, cutest and friendliest tea room I’ve ever visited. Everything was perfect and I couldn’t have spent it with a better group of ladies. We’re all so excited to meet baby when he or she arrives, and even if it’s a boy we’ve decided he can be an honourary book club member 🙂

Thanks to the Book Club girls for an epic day and for letting me steal your pics for this blog!

To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure

And so I’m back, from the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland. We worked the parks hard and as a result I’m only just feeling recovered. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last 7 days.

Last Monday was Gary and my 8 year wedding anniversary. We’d not planned on doing anything but decided to ditch the gym last-minute, put on our glad rags and head out to our favourite chinese 1

I’d bought this dress quite a while back but hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it and as the weather had been warm that day, I thought why not!

Jen had given me a surprise treat earlier that day:

photo 2

A countdown sign for Disney! I adore it, and it’s currently hanging in my kitchen with zero days written on it – I’ll be writing some numbers on it again soon!

Tuesday we spent the evening packing and preparing for an early start, and then it was the big day! I’d been to Disneyland once before two years ago and loved it. But nothing prepared me for how much I would love it this time around. Here are my favourite bits:


We stayed in a Disney hotel this time around (last time we stayed at one of the ones outside and around the parks) and it was so convenient. Simple, basic and clean rooms. About 15 minutes walk to the Parks from our part of the hotel (which was furthest block away) along a pretty path along a river. We stayed half board which meant a breakfast in their buffet hall and vouchers for either lunch or dinner elsewhere or in the hotel and afternoon snacks throughout the stay. Free wifi in the lobby and daily visits from Disney characters, made it great for the kids. A Wild West theme, the blocks of hotel rooms were lined up like an old Western. There was even a laundry section for those who felt like doing chores. Oh, and as we were staying in a Disney hotel we got to enter the Disneyland park 2 hours earlier than everyone else. Extra Disney magic? Yes please!

ears castle

I will never ever get bored with turning the corner onto Main Street USA and seeing that Castle. It’s breathtaking. This time around I managed to find the particular Minnie ears I’d wanted last time – covered in black sequins with red sequins on the bow. I was elated when I found them!


I was a little disappointed that Frozen hadn’t been worked into the Disney Dreams show in France, since I knew it was in the Florida version, but I guess a lot of it is very French themed. I was not disappointed by the amount of Frozen merchandise in the shops since you can’t find it anywhere at home. As you can see from the photo, Olaf was very pleased to see me!


I got to ride my favourite ride 3 times – Hollywood Tower of Terror, and each time I rode with my arms up and legs off the floor. This made the falling experience a lot more thrilling. I also grew to love Space Mountain more this time around, and we even got to experience it at the very front on one of our turns.


I couldn’t resist taking a selfie in front of the Shutterbugs sign. Shutterbug by name, Shutterbug by nature!


We were able to go on the brand new Ratatouille ride, which had opened in July. We had no preconceptions of this ride, having read nothing about it. The wait was 60 minutes but only 5 minutes for single riders so Gary and I went in on that queue. The first time we rode in the same cart with a family and the second time we rode in separate cars. It was like no ride I’ve ever experienced before and even going on it again we both got different variations of the same ride. It was amazing!

We worked out over the 3 days (well, Wednesday from about 3:30pm to Friday about 3pm) we were in the parks for about 25 hours. It was a perfect amount of time and we were able to have a go on pretty much everything and then go on everything we wanted to go on again and again.

It was a sad time when we had to leave for our train home, but I was comforted by the fact that the next time I’m in Disney will be Orlando in two years time for our 10th wedding anniversary.

Saturday and Sunday were spent recovering and pining over our Disney holiday – our first holiday in a while – and it really felt like a holiday. We had an awesome time in a place where everyone is encouraged to dream and wish…. and never ever grow up.

If you want to see more photos from my Disneyland adventure, feel free to follow me on instagram @groggits

This Week I Have Been Mostly….


Yes, it’s only midweek, but time flies so fast – so here’s my ‘this week I have been mostly’ update:

  • Changing from coffee to tea. I usually go through phases where I want either tea or coffee, but never both. I’ve just started making my change back to tea, and with good timing since Teafields London have sent me a huge parcel of samples. They’ve included some wonderful (and expensive) teas including a beautiful flowery earl grey, jasmine pearls and some wonderful looking green tea that looks like little pebbles. I plan on doing them justice by sampling each one and doing a write-up on here, so stay tuned!


  • Feeling nostalgic as one of my friends found an old photo from around 2001 at a Four Star Mary gig in Oxford. The room we were in was above a pub and hotter than hell. I can be seen in the photo below wearing a union jack skinny fit tee which I loved, and it said Made In England under the flag. I’m going to be celebrating Aaron, the guy in the photo’s wedding at the end of the month alongside a lot of the people with whom I went to this gig – it’ll be a fabulous reunion!


  • I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t had a huge amount of time for Pinterest or Instagram but that just means that when I do find the time, there’s a lot of lovely things to look at. One such thing was this lipstick I found on Pinterest. I have since found it for just a few quid on Amazon and have proceeded to add it to my birthday wishlist. It looks like magic!

  • Looking forward to my next Body Attack class, tomorrow evening. It’s crazy since it’s such intense cardio and during it you feel like you want to die, but afterwards you know how hard you’ve worked. I can’t wait to continue attending and see the improvements weeks down the line.


  • Looking forward to Saturday because during the day I’m meeting up with the girls for a picnic kind of to celebrate my birthday which is the following week, and in the evening to celebrate Tash’s birthday, also next week, with drinks and dancing. The weather’s looking a little shoddy but one of the girls has offered up their house as a backup should it seem a little dicey picnicking by the lake. I love spending time with these girls so I really can’t wait for Saturday to arrive!

Lots to look forward, and more to come!

MKM Half Marathon Race Recap

Brace yourselves, this is a long one!

Monday saw Gary and I complete our first Half Marathon together in Milton Keynes. The night before we had laid out our running stuff out and went to bed nice and early to get as much rest as we could. I’d had butterflies for the whole week and nerves were kicking in for Gary too. We woke up on Monday morning and started to get ready, eat breakfast, prepare our bibs and shoes with timing chips. My Dad, our chauffeur for the day came to collect us and kept himself quiet whilst we chattered about nervously. Traffic to the stadium start line was heavy and we could see a huge amount of runners walking in our direction. The excitement continued to increase as we hopped out of the car, said goodbye to Dad and headed towards the action.

People were warming up, stretching, having little jogs up and down the closed roads we would be heading up later on. We were instructed to begin lining up behind the start line, both Marathon and Half Marathon event runners. I immediately started to feel like I needed to pee of course! But I held it together telling myself it was all in my mind.

Messages from friends who were meeting in the shopping centre, between miles 3-6 were pinging on my phone and I had to turn the notifications off to focus – but it was wonderful knowing they were there, getting in all the excitement and waiting to see me when I got there. Some more friends managed to find us waiting in the running line and it was great to see them and have a little chat before we set off.

And then we were running. It took about 5 minutes to get over the start mat and head off for our first half marathon, and my longest ever run. The route would take us from the outskirts of Bletchley towards the shopping centre which is mapped out like a grid, similar to New York. Our route had us running up and down the same roads using the one way systems, pretty much exhausting all of the roads and then running back out of the town centre.


The weather was sunny and warm and I was pleased I’d bought a running cap for the event. It really kept the sun from above my eyes where I’m prone to get migraines. I felt really good for the first few miles but lost Gary close to 5k. The elevation into the shopping centre was stupidly steep and my legs just weren’t working for me. Just as I was walking for the first time I heard someone saying “Come on Erin, you can do it. Just one foot in front of the other”. A complete stranger (I don’t even know how she knew my name from behind me since my name was on the front) was helping me along. It was just what I needed and I told her as much, thanked her and moved on.

The first water station was very welcomed and I was delighted to recognise one of the volunteers as an old work colleague. I made a beeline for her, waved excitedly and took a bottle from her. She recognised me and looked very excited to cheer me on. I took this as a sign that I could make it (over the course of the run, I took a lot of things as signs!). I did a lot of run-walking throughout the race, which would have annoyed me in the past but I know for this race it was the best thing for me to do. It was just how I would make it to the end. And around this area usually just as I was summoning the strength to walk again, the same lady from earlier would appear at my shoulder with words of encouragement. At this point we had a chat, and I learned her name (her christian name was difficult to read so she had the name Butterfly attached to her top)  and that she was doing the full marathon for a charity called Bliss Baby. She had lost her baby at 8 days old and this was her second marathon to raise funds and awareness for the charity. We talked for a bit, and she encouraged me to run off whenever I wanted.

We came up to the library where I knew my Mum and Dad were waiting to cheer us on (Gary was long gone by this point!) and mid conversation with my new run-buddy I heard a massive “ERIN” and cheering. It was my Book Club girls! Jumping, screaming, taking photos, shouting my name. It was absolutely amazing and wonderful! Butterfly commented “That’s gotta be a boost!” and then just over the road I saw my Mum and Dad waving and cheering too.


To the right of me (my left) in this photo, I’m really pleased to see Butterfly captured running alongside me (blue vest). She has no idea how much of an impact she made on my run.



Running on and out of the town centre I knew I was nearly over half way done. I had prepared myself for the race being both mentally and literally downhill from here and I don’t think that was necessarily a good thing. Up until here the crowd support had been amazing. Charity supporters (mostly Team George, who for some reason would only cheer on their own charity – bad cheer etiquette!) and belly dancers, bongo players, bands and families with noise makers. But then we hit the road of doom that would never end. Between miles 7-10 it was long boring straight roads that never seemed to end. Roundabout after roundabout, with very few supporters. On some of the roads you could see other people running up the other side of the carriageway and you knew you would have to get to the end and run all the way back. It was a proper mental game.

I was very aware that my stomach couldn’t handle any more Shot Bloks and that I was hot and sweating but that I couldn’t over drink because my stomach would just slosh. I made it to the turn off where the marathon runners diverted off and knew I only had 5k left. I looked at my watch and saw it was 35 mins until my 2.5hrs goal but was aware I wouldn’t hit this. I had been running 11:50mm for the last however-long and I knew I wouldn’t be able to pick it up. Running, walking, stopping to stretch out my hip frequently (which was now hurting a lot) a woman asked if I was okay since I was walking. Her name was Julia, running her first half marathon, along with her marathon savvy husband Norman. I had a little chat with her and then they carried on. I managed to run further and felt okay, quicker pace, hip not hurting – but then I started to feel dizzy and moved off the road onto a verge. I had my head near my knees and then Julia was next to me, telling me to drink her water and pouring some down my neck to cool me down. At this point I decided I needed to run with her and her husband. I knew I could help her and she could help me. She was struggling, I was struggling, he was motivating her and soon both of us. She was running for her Grandchildren and I could see so much determination in her.

The last water station was sponsored by World Vision, a charity my sister works for, and as I took water here someone shouted “Go on Erin” – I know I have my name on my top but there was recognition in their voice as if my sister had told them to look out for me. Whether that was true or not I got a boost.

The last 5k was a group effort (Norman was amazing at motivating!) and as we got towards the stadium knowing there wasn’t much left to do a massive smile covered Julia’s face. We couldn’t get our legs to go any faster but it seemed somewhat easier at this point. Being told by a steward that shiny medals awaited us, we headed on down and into the stadium to finish our half marathon.

I entered the stadium and I felt so so small. The seats looming above me, I was aware I was running very slow and stiff and that so many people were watching. So strange and exhilarating all at once. But soon I saw Jen and Rich who had met me at the start. They were right at the front of the seating cheering me on and I knew I was supported and with friends and could just concentrate on getting on with it.

Crossing the finish line the first thing I did was turn and give Julia and Norman hugs, well dones and thanked them for helping me towards the end.

mkm4You can actually see them in the above photo hugging each other whilst I scanned the crowds for Gary (Norman in white vest, Julia in blue t-shirt and sunglasses)

Gary was soon shouting from the stands having finished 15 mins earlier than me. I walked down along the track and saw Tash who hugged me and offered me Vitacoco and I think all I managed to get out was “after medal” – Tash I’m aware I was staring vacantly at you and not saying any words, but I was listening to every word, I promise! I walked on to get my medal and then just randomly carried on walking and wondering where I was meant to go. In my delirious state I had no idea where I was going and didn’t realise I was passing where I was meant to exit, so found myself back at Rich and Jen which was great because I was able to get my brain in gear, sit for a second and we then headed back to where I’d seen the rest of my friends and family.

Seeing all my friends who had been cheering along and my family was so amazing. We took pictures, I tried to string a sentence together and they gave me and Gary our own little goody bags with more Vitacoco (that stuff is amazing post-run), bananas, protein bars, water and a glucose tablet. They’re the best cheerleaders ever!


After having got my bearings I found my way to the finishers room where I collected a goody bag and made my way up a slope and some stairs (a cruel trick) to see all of our wonderful friends and family again.

This race was amazing. It was HARD but it was my race. I met some wonderful people, the stewards were wonderful, the cheerleaders were top-notch, and the medal has GLITTER on it!

mkm5I’m still recovering now, but I have heard it takes a day for every mile to recover so I’ll be fine in a fortnight! My official finish time was 2:40:47. It’s not the 2.5hrs I hoped for but I knew in my heart that this wasn’t possible on the training I’d done. Next time 🙂

So now I have to focus on the Race For Life 5k coming up next month and the Women’s Running 10k the month after……. and I’m secretly searching for my next half marathon challenge so I can top this one, but don’t tell anyone.

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#100happydays Update 1

I briefly mentioned in my last post that I’ve started the #100happydays project. It’s a social experiment that practically dares you to finish it by telling you that 71% of people who started it gave up before the end due to time constraints, and then points out ‘who doesn’t have the time to be happy?’

Well I like a challenge and after completing Project 365 twice surely I can manage this project…. right? Well I’m on day 4 today and I thought I’d share my pictures so far.

Day 1: I started the project one evening so a cosy home based selfie seemed appropriate – with the help of a couple of buddies of course.


Day 2 was taken at work. I have a lot of fun there, which is important when we’ve been so busy. It’s nice to stop for 5 and be an idiot 😀


Day 3: Dinner with friends. I went out with a group of friends for a Nandos and chats after a hard arms session at the gym. We had a great time!


Day 4: Today I went running with a couple of friends. We’re running the Race For Life together and are trying to get together a few times before hand to train together. I found that I can now chat and run a decent pace which means I’m getting fitter. Yay for me!

Tomorrow is the London Marathon and Gary and I are going down to cheer on the masses, so my photo should be exciting. Good luck to all of you running and keep an eye out for me along embankment (around the 24 mile marker) because I’m going to be packing jelly babies!

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Stila One Step Colour Corrector

I mentioned in a post a while back about a new beauty product I’d seen and then eventually bought because of the reviews I’d seen. Stila One Step colour corrector promised to neutralise the yellow and pink patches in the skin to create a nice even finish.


So firstly it looks pretty. A double helix of colour and serum spun together in a clear bottle with a pump nozzle. The instructions say to put a small amount on the back of the hand and then apply to the face using your fingertips or one of their brushes. I’ve never worn foundation or base and I really wouldn’t know how, but this was fairly simple. I put it on all over my face like moisturiser and then dabbed a little more on the more problematic areas.

The first time I used this I put it on straight over moisturiser as I’d just gotten out of the bath, and I felt that my face was rather shiny. Even without putting moisturiser on first my skin looked shiny after applying the serum, but after leaving it for a few minutes it settled to a nice satin and my skin felt smooth and not sitcky. I didn’t feel like I’d put anything on my skin, which is my main reason for steering clear of foundation – I hate the feeling of wearing a mask. I didn’t need to wait before putting Touche Eclat on under my eyes, though, and the One Step actually meant I could put less concealer on, which means it’ll last a lot longer in the long run.

I really liked the sheer cover but even colour it promoted on my skin. I have a lot of pink patches in my skin, dark circles under my eyes and dark patches from old spots. This covered them all. I suppose I could keep layering it up for more coverage, but I didn’t feel the need to.

I took a shot of my face this evening after taking half of my makeup off so I could show you the difference.


The left side is make up free and the right side has One Step, touche eclat under the eyes for more coverage and a little blusher. You can see how the redness has been covered around my nose, cheek, chin and under my eyes. Even the patches on my forehead are less prominent. I swear my nose even looks slimmer on the side with make up, because of the reduction of redness around the nostril.

Here’s an even shot of my face with One Step on:


This stuff is pretty much magic. At £24 a bottle it’s pretty expensive but you don’t need to use much to get a great effect. I wouldn’t suggest wearing foundation over the top unless you’re skin tone is really very patchy, but then I’m no foundation expert! I’m so glad I came across this. It’s going to be wonderful in the summer as a light cover and it’s a wonderful base for a heavier look in the evening.

I’d love to know if any of you have tried this and what you thought. If you were thinking of buying it and were hesitating I’d say just go for it. You won’t be disappointed!


I bought this product with my own pennies, and am in no way affiliated with Stila. I researched, read reviews, bought and tried this product all on my own – aren’t I a big girl?


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A New Home

Along with the lovely Spring-like weather has come an abundance of light, something which was severely lacking in my last house. I promised I would add some photos of the house a while back, so as I have some natural light coming through I thought now would be a good time. There’s still a huge amount to do to the house before I want to take full room shots, but I’ve taken some pictures of some of the pretty elements as they are.


The previous owners left some things in the house when they moved and we’ve kept some of them. Apart from things like mirrors and a lovely large deep freeze they also left a couple of really pretty Tiffany-esque lamp shades. They are so pretty we kept them!


Yes, I know there’s a hair on the one above. I don’t know how it got there…. It’s above the stairs and very high up so the dust can stay 🙂


We’ve got a couple of these radiator covers around the house. This one is fixed in which is a little annoying because the heat struggles a little to get out but it’s really pretty so we don’t mind so much.

Then we get to the bathroom. We have the pleasure of being the brand new owners of a 1970’s avocado bathroom suite. We do have big plans for the bathroom, especially as the toilet is currently in a separate room and we want to knock it through, but until the point in which we can make these plans a reality, we have to make do with what we have. I decided a long long time ago, before we had even seen this house, that I wanted a nautical themed bathroom. So when I saw a little avocado striped beach hut in a gift shop it gave me inspiration for our bathroom. The side panel on the bath was already panelled with vertical strips running down it, so it was a no brainer. I bought a tester of some paint and gave it a crack.


It’s not an amazingly neat job but it works for now. Makes my bathroom feel a little more like mine until I can do something else – like rip the whole lot out!

It’s going to be a big job to get all the rooms how we want but it’s going to be fun doing it and when we’re done we’ll have an amazing home!

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